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Waldorf Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata


Rated 2.0 by Ashmita Panday

I would not sugarcoat anything but the experience wasn’t good. Not only is the place poorly decorated but also has a group of absolutely impolite staff. The food was usual and had absolutely nothing that would take you back there for a second time. The security man at the gate was really helpful and certainly deserves a better place in the restaurant.


Rated 4.0 by Ausmita Sengupta

An amazing place to be with friends. We went their for a birthday celebration and the staff was quite generous. We ordered crispy lamb, mixed fried rice, one normal chicken rice and hot garlic chicken. Crispy lamb was well prepared. Crunchy and yum. The rice were done brilliantly. My favourite was hot garlic chicken as it was very spicy and tasted differently. But as it was so spicy most of my friends were unable to complete it too. The restaurant is nice, comfortable and will surely visit again. Pictures by Debarati Sen ❤


Rated 3.0 by Cecilia Kingston

Surprisingly the Hakka chow was not done well. The noodles needed little more cooking. The rest of the food though was great.


Rated 4.0 by Chasoom Bosai

This is an absolute hidden Gem in the heart of Kolkata,Parkstreet. On one sunday as every other restaurants had long long queues such as Oudh 1590 or say Peter Cat etc etc this came as a rescue and I was so so amazed by the food. It's purely Chinese restaurant with number of sea food to choose from. Crabs to lobsters to prawns to squids. Go for their schezuan crispy prawns. You'll surely order for one more time. It's that good. And of course 'Five Spices Lamb'. It was amazing. Crispy and juicy. Decor is pretty too. With soft chinese music and fans and lamps hung all around. Food is good and is pocket friendly. Staffs are well mannered. If any Sunday you need an escape.. go here.


Rated 3.0 by Diptarshi Sen

Took a delivery from this legendary restaurant. Have to say they’ve not been able to match up with the competition IMO. Hoping for better flavours next time around.