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Rated 4.0 by Sumon Dey

Be it early in the morning with the fresh breeze or alongside some snacks in the evening, Tea has become a part and parcel of our daily life without which some people cannot imagine to end their day. Now, with the advent of time people have developed a connoisseur taste for selecting the perfect tea. So, we have got over all those orthodox Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea, what we want now is a fusion of few distinct flavours which will make our day when we take the first sip.


Rated 5.0 by Debadrita Basak

I’m a person who never says NO to tea… I generally prefer having tea without milk and sugar, so that the aroma of the tea comes out properly. Since my childhood, I’ve seen that it’s my dad who decides which kind of tea we should have… But now, the scene is a bit different. If I find something better than the one my dad has brought, I never think twice to bring ot home.


Rated 4.0 by Gaurav Baid(The Eten Rovers)

Tea is an aromatic beverage usually prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over leaves of Camellia Sinensis, a bush native to Asia. Tea or Chai(as named in India) was commonly served as a hot drink unlike today with the popularity of cold and ice blended teas. Tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world after water. A vision and passion, clubbed with experience has led to The Tea Trove where they bring you freshly packed tea directly from the tea cultivators along with as many as 80 blends and customisations that are currently available across stores. I was invited by Saurabh Rana for a tea tasting event hosted at The Kasba(Acropolis Mall) Outlet of the chain. We were very warmly hosted by the owners Shruti and Rishav along with Arnab being the brand consultant. We savored a few popular infusions and had a good experience altogether... Durbari Kahwa - It was an aromatic mix of tea leaves along with fresh whole spices giving it a traditional essence leading back to generations. Rosehip Hibiscus - It was a zesty yet refreshing blend of brew with a bright red colour in the rendering. Assam Masala - One of their most popular infusions, it's an ever classic mix of Indian spices to the tea. Mango Green - With a bit of the pungent kick coming from the mango, this green tea blend is the best one to pump up your mornings with. Sweet Ginger - It's quite a popular tea in India especially when it comes to household remedies making it perfect for curing cough, cold, and flu. Cinnamon Matcha - A long standing tradition of Japanese Culture, it's the finest quality powdered green tea available. And that makes it most medicinal than all. To our surprise... We also got to try out few of the popsicles they are popular for : >> Charcoal Vanilla - Vanilla finely flavoured with charcoal. #musttry >> Jamun Lemonade - Java Plums sorbet reincarnated. #refreshing >> After Eight - Classic chocolate with perfect tinge of mint. #personalfavourite The popsicles are very aptly priced between 50-120. The tea leaves the chain trades in are fully organic(free of any preservatives) and justifies the prices, being competitive henceforth. All the tea blends have distinctive health benefits and your eagerness about them will be clarified once at The Tea Trove Store or browse through their website.


Rated 4.0 by Aerica Sardar (The Eten Rovers)

Tea is a hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water. I was invited for a tea tasting event by Saurabh Rana. The shop offers around 80 varieties of tea. Shruti and Rishav were very good hosts who are the owners of this chain. We sipped a few popular flavours like : Mango Green-Celebrate your mornings with a refreshing blend of Mango with green tea Health Benefits - contains vitamins A, B and C, helps in preventing breast cancer, reducing risk of heart diseases by controlling cholesterol, helps control high BP Durbari Kahwa-A traditional spicy tea dating back Generations!! - But with a modern twist (This is my wake up cup of tea) Health Benefits - aids in weight loss, lowers cholesterol levels, regulated blood pressure, anti ageing Sweet Ginger-A perfect remedy for Cold, Cough and Flu (Its is refreshing) Health Benefits - reduces blood sugar, prevents anemia, cures chronic cough, treats stomach ulcers, relieves stress, reduces menstrual pain [in picture] Rosehip Hibiscus - A bright red brew that offers a tangy refreshing cup (Personal favorite #recommended) Health Benefits - anti oxidant, slimming, aids in BP control, prevents bladder infection, reduces anxiety and depression, prevents cold and flu, boosts immune system[in picture] Matcha Tea-finely ground powder of specially grown &processed green tea Health Benefits- 137 times more antioxidants than regularly brewed green tea, boosts metabolism & burns calories, Calms the mind and relaxes the body, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar [in picture] We also tried the following popsicles- °Charcoal vanilla pop #highlyrecommended °After eight pop °Strawberry mint pop The best part is these Popsicles are very reasonable, priced between ₹50-₹120; and the tea rates are very competitive. Bonus - They are soon launching teabags (can't wait for it :)). So go today and sip before you buy. Gaurav Baid(The Eten Rovers) Kaushal Chandarana(The Eten Rovers) Disclaimer : The health benefits were provided by Shruti.


Rated 4.0 by Saurabh Rana

Tea(Cha/Chai) is something which is consumed by almost everyone in their household. Back in time and even now in some of the houses, it is the usual milk tea or masala chai which helps you to give a initial wake up call (alarm is for the body and tea is for the mind) making you feel a little more energetic. Tea is often also consumed as breaks between work (Adda). Sometimes with a pack of cigarettes (very common here in Kolkata). However, times have changed and there has been quite a lot of R & D in the Tea Industry. It is not just restricted to the usual Kulhar wali chai, liquor chai or cutting chai anymore. There have been various infusions which gave rise to various tea types such as green, oolong, white, black, fermented, etc. (And the list is endless)