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The Super Snack Bar Reviews and Ratings - Etalghat, Kolkata


Rated 1.0 by Rishiraj Vasistha

Yesterday i went to the New Alipore branch the oldest. Masala Dosa and a plate of Idly with red chutney. Coconut chutney was 50% water and rest was fillers... very disappointing!!! The quality has gone way down with integrating the online services to the customers. Before i had never had to face such problems. From well made food to sloppiness, i have turned into a hater. My money is not for water mixed in food. Sambar & chutney core of south indian food experience. Filled with water for the old and loyal customers. No wonder from a 4+ ratings it has fallen so much. Not worth the experience.


Rated 3.0 by The Foody Me

I was dwelling around alipore and was finding some place to have South Indian cuisine. I had heard about this place a lot so thought to try once. My order included masala dosa, schezwan dosa and sambar vada. The quality of food were not at all good. As I had masala dosa no of times. I didn't get the feel of that. Schezwan was just horrible, dosa was served in 4 small slices with onion combined with schezwan sauce. It was not even that schez or was spicy. Vada was good and I liked it. Overall it was average experience...


Rated 1.0 by Raunak Khaitan

Have been eating in this restaurant from last 9 years.. The size of idli and vada has decreased.. Water level increased in sambar... Shocked to see how profit making can change the quality of this restaurant in the last one year..


Rated 1.0 by Shruti Ganeriwala

I m staying in New Alipore area since a veryyyy long time so I m a veryy regular eater at super snacks bar but now the quality of food has gone so down only the price is increasing the chutney was as thin as sambar and sambar was like dal water it was really bad today..!!


Rated 2.0 by Smayan Agarwal

I've been coming here for South Indian food from a long time but from a few days their service quality has decreased. There were more flaws than I expected. 1)the water tasted like tap water 2)the service was slow 3)the sambar tasted like dal 4)there was a lot of noise of utensils and glasses falling Overall the food was good but service was bad . Literally we had to call the waiter a million times for half an hour.