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The Steak Factory Reviews and Ratings - Etalghat, Kolkata

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Adv Krishnaditya Chakraborty

i went there few times for a small afternoon lunch..  just few foot steps from Gupta brothers outlet at new alipur, small, cozy, dim lighting, Beatles music, good ambiance, good smiling service, this place touched my heart.  i asked about their suggestion and they suggested chef's salad and chello kabab.. the later was big in size, but not the best.. but i really loved the salad.. hope to visit soon...

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Trekker

Awesome place awesome food. Too good . I could not believe that they serve so yummy food. It's a gr8 place I can say . Enjoyed my dinner sitting at that small beautiful out Let


Rated 4.0 by Debashish Dey -

The first steak factory which was in my list for a long time has finally been done and just like my previous experience with other outlets of the super talented owner Rohan Chanda it was worthwhile . Before making a big mark on the current food scene of the city , he came up with his first big attempt in this part of the city and needless to say things have never been the same . The good part of this brand is carefully and cautiously dished out recipes that will bound to make an impact . We were having continental cravings one Sunday night and we decided to have a go in the place that started it all .At the end of our meal we were pleased of our choice . ° LOCATION :- If you are coming from tollygunj phari or taratala you have to reach new alipore triangular park and you will find the restaurant close by . ° AMBIENCE & SERVICE ( 3.5 / 5 ) :- This is a small yet tidy and organized place so best for lunch or dinner dates with your loved one . A larger outing will have to broken into group of 4 seatings . The dim light ambience works really well with the smaller space added with not so over the top music . As for the service , it is not world class . The serving time is close to 10 minutes per dish but that is acceptable if you are looking to share one dish together . But , the quality of the dishes makes it worthwhile . --------------------------------------- ° FOOD :- The steak factory would never have been so popular if it was not fir their decent dishes . They are not the best in the city but certainly good enough for your continental cravings . For this outing , we ordered the following :- 1. Spicy chilli pork ( 4.5 / 5 ) :- What a pork starter !! We were simply blown away . A big recommendation to the pork lovers . These are solid pork meat pieces minus the fat pan fried in a chilli sauce . I liked the use of pepper in this dish , something that left a mark after the food was swallowed . This is why I love pepper so much , they truly bring the true meaning of spicyness . The pork meat were of the highest quality and went well with the chilli sauce which has slight resemblence to sticky bbq sauce . It was the perfect starter and definitely a great choice for pork lovers . 2. Factory special cheese steak ( 4 / 5 ) :- This is my personal favourite steak from this brand. Although I found that the southern avenue version to be a tad better , this was still a good steak to have . Good portions of medium rare meat was served on the plate with cheese on top . Steak and cheese is a lovely combo . Along with the meat , the add one were mashed potatoes , sauted onions and sauted veggies which were awesome . Also served with the steak was steak sauce which had mushrooms and it was simply mind blowing . The whole mixture is meat , cheese , steak sauce , mashed potatoes created a nice experience . A highly recommended dish for all steak lovers . 3. Factory mixed grill sizzler ( 3.5 / 5 ) :- Okay , the last dish we ordered was a sizzler as it was my craving . It was a good sizzler as the sauce was really good , which is the most important for a sizzler . The only negative part of this dish was that it mostly consisted of chicken and sausage pieces . I would have liked some more prawn or beef or maybe liver pieces in it . But , nevertheless the meat was sizzled to perfection and added veggies like mushroom , capsicums enhanced the tastiness of the dish . It is an okayish dish to have .Go only if you are a sizzler lover . -------------------------------------- VERDICT:- A must visit if you are in South Kolkata and having continental craving . Those who are still unaware of this brand must know that the following dishes are also highly recommended from my side . 1. Pot roasted mutton. 2. Lamb ragout . With the 2 dishes mentioned above and a factory special grilled steak , your experience will be worthwhile if you are new to this brand . My best wishes to the team and Rohan once again and keeping my hopes high for the new outlet that is coming up . __________________________________________________________


Rated 4.0 by Gaurav Kumar Gupta

What to say....? Just a feel of being in a northern restaurant is what one is going to experience, not to hide.. this is a cool restaurant with a little space. Though the food here won't let you consider the space as a drawback. As it's empty most of the times. Coming to ambiance and appearance this joint desirves a 5 star. Food is well prepared and on time. Must visit place for meat carving people.


Rated 4.0 by Somaditya Roy

Visited the place with friends. Here is a breakdown of my review. Ambience: The restaurant is small but even the small area has been well managed. The furniture is perfectly fitted such that it did not feel suffocating. Instead it was quite pleasant taking into account the lights and decor. Fair warning: it's not great for groups larger than 4 members. Food: We ordered a steak, chicken ala-kiev and chelow kebab. The food was tasty but not excellent. The ala-kiev was also good but there was more cheeze than needed, and the french fries that came with the steak were soft. The steak sauce on the other hand was really good. Service: The service is pretty good. No complaints there.