The Nest Cafe

Raja SC Mullick Road, Jodhpur Park
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The Nest Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Jodhpur Park, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Srinath Paul (thegreedyappetite)

This cafe is located at Jadavpur 8B bus stand, on the second floor of Bawarchi. This is a small cafe, which accommodates 40 people approximately. Has a comfortable seating arrangements. Their ambience is not that great. And should look up to upgrade it. They serve some amazing shishas and foods. Coming straight to the food, 1. Royal Paan Masala Hookah With Ice Base. 2. Spring Water Hookah With Ice Base. 3. Hot Chocolate. 4. Double Espresso. 5. Pinnacolada. 6. Fruit Punch. 7. Lemon Iced Tea. 8. Oreo Shake. 9. Cream Of Mushroom. 10. Spicy Manchurian Balls. 11. Bingos. 12. Veg. Au Gratin. 13. Caramel Custard. Good food, with a good service. Hop in with your friends, to have a good time in a pocket friendly budget.


Rated 5.0 by Pallab Saha

So visited this cafe, located close to 8B bus stand in Jadavpur. They have got a beautifully decorated place highly recommended for casual hangouts with friends. Decorated with lights having a dimly lit environment could also set a good mood for a hookah party over here. They serve good hookahs. Tried out 🎈 Royal Paan Masala Hookah : This is for the hookah lovers I must say as it has dense smoke. 🎈 Spring Water Hookah : This could be suggested for someone who is trying hookah for the first time as it was not that hard over here. Then we had refreshing beverages! 🎈Oreo Shake 🎈Pinnacolada 🎈Lemon Iced Tea 🎈Fruit Punch 🎈Hot Chocolate 🎈 Double Expresso Would recommend Lemon Iced Tea and Fruit Punch as I personally liked them! Coming to the food, we had 🎈Cream of Chicken : basically a soup which tasted really great with paste and minced chickens with a creamier texture! 🎈Spicy Meat Balls : These meat balls served with cheese on the top tasted yummy and a must try! 🎈Nachos : Not really something dumbstruck. But yes worth a try for appetizers. 🎈Veg Augratin : Recommended for vegetarians. 🎈 Chicken Parmisiana : This was their best dish according to me. Soft pieces of chicken breasts were served with noodles, veggies, and mashed potato. 🎈Prawn Sizzler : This was also something amazing over here. It's great that for a lounge cafe they have sizzlers that taste so good. And in dessert they have one and only 🎈 Caramel Custard : Really appreciate the taste. And of course a recommended dish over here. Ambience and staff gets a 5/5 and the food is really great and of course one of the best places for hangouts.


Rated 5.0 by Ghoshs0806

I visited this place today with my friends. This was really a cozy and comfortable place. We tried out a few items and all of them were really good. Coffee Chicken Pepper Steak Non Veg Pizza Penne Ala Vodka I highly recommend this place. Please do visit with your friends.


Rated 5.0 by Rohan Saha

Recently visited with my friends. Its near at the Jadavpur 8b auto stand , above bawarchi. I liked the ambiance . Lights are hanging from the ceiling. Ceiling has a honeycomb design also. Staffs are well behaved. So we ordered ~ ⏹️ Beverages -- 🔸Pinnacolada 🔸Fruit punch 🔸Lemon iced tea 🔸Oreo Shake ⏹️Starters -- 🔸Cream of Chicken 🔸Spicy Meat Balls 🔸Nachos ⏹️Main Course -- 🔸Veg Au Gratin 🔸Chicken Parmisiana 🔸Prawn Sizzler ⏹️ Dessert -- 🔸 Caramel custard pudding ◾Also we had ~ 🔸Hot chocolate 🔸Double espresso ⏹️Hookah 🔸Spring water Hookah with ice base 🔸Royal paan masala hookah with ice base 🔸 Pinnacolada - It's a mocktail and personally I loved it's flavour. Recommending to try. 🔸 Fruit punch - Loved this and recommending to try. 🔸 Lemon Iced Tea - It has a gentle lemon flavour . 🔸 Oreo Nachos - It was perfectly made. 🔸 Cream of Chicken soup - It was good. You people should add more cream in it. 🔸 Spicy meat balls - I just loved this. It was garnished with grated cheese. Most recommended. 🔸Nachos - Recommending to try. 🔸Veg Augratin - It's served with rice and smashed potato and tasted so good. Recommended. 🔸 Chicken Parmisiana - It was really soft and tender and served with noodles , boiled veggies and smashed potato. In love with this dish . Recommended. 🔸 Prawn Sizzler - It was perfectly cooked. Tastes so good. Recommended. 🔸 Caramel custard pudding - Loved this. Overall loved this place. Do visit with you friends. You'll sure loved this place.


Rated 5.0 by Moody Foodie

If you are in search for a hookah parlor or even a cafe to spend an evening with your friends, this would be the ideal cafe for you. The Nest Cafe is for sure, the ideal place for you,not only because of the food it serves at this price point but also the services they offer and the price point at which they do. This place is located near the Jadavpur 8B bus stand, is indeed a hidden gem yet to be salvaged. My friends and I went to this place last week on a rainy afternoon and we were quite pleased with the service,as well as the food. We started off with the Sheesha, where we tried out the Spring Water Hookah with Ice base, as was recommended by the personnel there. We enjoyed the smoky atmosphere over some Double Espresso and Hot Chocolate. After having some chitchat, we realised that we were infact, hungry. We ordered a number of items: Cream of Chicken Nachos Spicy Meat Balls Chicken Parmisiana For the shakes, we tried out the Oreo Shake, which was decent in taste and was not extremely sweet as the cafes often mistakenly do. We tried out the pina colada and the fruit punch too. They were also quite decent. Coming to the food, it was a heavy meal and we all loved the taste. My personal recommendation would be the Chicken Parmisiana, that was the show killer.  Considering my overall experience, I just enjoyed my food and the ambiance. Service: 4.5/5 Taste: 4.5/5 Interior: 4.5/5 I would certainly recommend you to visit this place.