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The Bhoj Company

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New Market Area, Park Street Area
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The Bhoj Company Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Rudrasis Mohanty

Right at the heart of New market, this place offers some of Calcutta's authentic dishes. We had bhetki fish fry for starters. They were really good. We ordered rice and mutton curry in the main course. But for me, the kochupata chingri stole the show. The tatse was really something different, and I could have actually had one plate on my own ( had to share 😬). Overall a really good place if you want some authentic Bengali food.


Rated 4.0 by Reshmi Roy

Today dropped by here for dinner . The decor is calm, soothing with comfortable seating zone. We ordered for kochu pata chingri vapa, mocha chingri, vat, bengali polao, mutton kasha, mutton curry. Food was truly delicious. Each and every item was well cooked and made with perfection and authenticity. Kochu pata chingri, mocha chingri were mind blowing. Loved it . Mutton curry and mutton kasha both were brilliant with tender pieces of mutton. Muttn kasha had a thick gravy and very spicy. Mutton curry was usual mutton dish which we liked more than mutton kasha. polao was very tasty also. Tried their two chinese dishes - chicken fried rice and garlic chicken. They were flavoursome also especially fried rice was superb. Service is prompt and staffs are courteous and helpful too. This place is also pocket friendly. A great place to have awesome bengali dishes without making a hole in your pocket..


Rated 3.0 by Dweepi Chatterjee

Hi! Firstly, I'm sorry that I couldn't take pictures, since we all were so hungry, and while I was about to click, half of the plate was empty. This was my first time at 'The Bhoj Company'. I don't like eating out Bengali cuisine, but my mother surely does! So on a Saturday noon, we went there, and indulged ourselves in some Bengali dishes. We mainly went there for lunch, so we directly jumped on main course, and had a beverage. We ordered 'Kachupatar Chingri', 'Chitol Peti', 'Bindass Bhetki' and 'Doi Catla'. We started our lunch with rice and 'Kachupatar Chingri'. The 'Kachupatar Chingri' was literally amazing. It's was made up of with 'Kachu pata' and prawns sauted with mustard paste. The flavor of mustard and leaves, gives another boost to your tastebuds, and that spark of mustard paste actually wins it all. Mustard lovers must try this one! Then we had 'Chitol Peti.' The Bengali word 'Peti' means the flesh of stomach. So we had that piece of Chital fish. This dish was okay, and it was a blend of sweet and spicy. Another star of the show is 'Bindass Bhetki'. I like the flavor of this dish. It has the unique flavor of tangy curry leaves and spices like red chillies and other spices, with a fillet of Bhetki fish. The fish was perfectly cooked, and it mixed perfectly with spices. So, it was again, a catalytic dish, because it actually uplifts the tastebuds since it's spicy, also tangy. So people, who loves spicy food, this one is a worth try! On the other hand my brother had the 'Doi Catla'. 'Doi Catla' was good. It was a dish of Catla fish, where the fish is cooked with doi, i.e, yogurt and poppy seeds paste. It was sour in flavor because of the yogurt, and it has a correct balance of taste. This dish is not that spicy, but you can actually try if you don't like too much of spices. Lastly we ended our gobble session with a beverage, 'Fresh Lime Soda.' I somewhere found that beverage a bit more sweet and less tangy. But it was okay! So that's all the review on food of 'The Bhoj Company.' I will rate 4 out of 5 stars on food. The ambience of the restaurant was good, but the services were not up to the mark. We faced some instances during communicating with the staffs, while we were ordering the food. The services of the staffs were not up to the mark, they need to work a bit hard upon that, so that customers like us don't get puzzled, like what's happening around. So all over, my gobble journey was okay, and therefore I would like to see them improved, if I again visit there! Thank you.


Rated 1.0 by Jaita Saha

Seldom I faced a situation where I was served bad food and bad food if coupled with horrible ambiance can make your all day dull. We visited last Saturday for lunch, a friend of ours was meeting with us after a long time. He stays in Germany and had a craving for Bengali food. We were near Esplanade so we trusted Zomato's good rating and little did we know what was waiting for us. The entire restaurant was filled with chaos. As it was lunch time on a Saturday evening we ignored the crowd and waited in queue. After we got a sit we were asked to order without even seeing the menu! We had to ask for the menu, ask the waiter multiple times to clean the table. Almost all the items were unavailable. No starters, no coolers, no shukto, no polao, no mochar ghonto basically nothing. We settled for bhat, dal, alu bhaja, kochupata Chingri, bhetki paturi, pabda r jhal and mutton kasha. Dal and mutton lacked salt. Paturi was taste less and cold. Kochupata chingri lacked ample mustard and tasted bitter. Worst of them all was pabda. Fish was alright but the gravy smelled of turmeric powder and raw jeera powder. Mishti doi tasted horrible rashmalai is diluted. Not that everything was cheap, pocket pinch also was moderately high. Added to 5% GST, 10% tips was hand written at the back side of the bill god knows why. A cockroach was looming across our table also. There was no tissue present in the table. We had to ask multiple times for a tissue to the waiters. This was undoubtedly the most horrific experience I've ever had in a restaurant.


Rated 4.0 by Goutam Dass

Unfortunately, Zomato has stopped options as 3.5, 4.5; else this place definitely deserves a 4.5. Our visit last Saturday was hard-pressed on time, and a late and heavy breakfast was all the more a reason to opt for a simple and light lunch. We ordered a simple rice, musur dal, alu bharta and kochu pata diye chingri bhapa. And the experience was too good yet true!!! The entire dal was polished off along with the alu bharta - unbelievably delicious!!! And kochu pata diye chingri bhapa - simply divine; easily the signature dish of this restaurant. Keep it up...... please........