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Tero Parbon

Purna Das Road, Keyatala
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Tero Parbon Reviews and Ratings - Keyatala, Kolkata


Rated 3.0 by Sourajit Ghoshal

A very courteous and polite behaviour from the staff members. Went on 15th Aug so there was a rush. Ordered a fish fry, 4/5 elish fish finger, 4/5 rich , daab chingri , 3/5 bhekti paturi 2.5/5 Gondhoraj motton3/5 Rabri 3.5/5 The dishes were average. If i compare the quality and quantity were not above standard. Cafe Ekanta was better ,so I felt. Both the fries were great.


Rated 4.0 by Manjari Seal

We visited this place the first time, though we were little late for our lunch but we received good service. The food was quiye good, the daab chingri was mouthwatering, fish orly was the good catch and bhetki pathuri, dal, jhooro alu bhaja, luchi alurdaam was yum. The staff was friendly and food was amazing. Overall good place to visit.Last but not the least the bengalis food would be incmplete without misti paan that that they provide as complementary.


Rated 1.0 by Rakesh Bhattacharjee

Overpriced restaurants with substandard foods.I visited with my guest on 26th of july and experience ws not so good and I regret my decision. we ordered elish biriyani , tok elish, elish begun and non of these items were edible as fish was nt fresh n found foul smell.. only good part is ambience was good.. strongly nt recommended


Rated 2.0 by Ranadeep Bose

Pathetic & highly disappointing. Not a biased feedback but point wise explained. 1. Fish:- Ilish mach. Not fresh strangely during Ilish utsav being highlighted in the restaurant. Fish has been fried to cover up the stale taste. Wow. Innovation. 2. Order:- In a group of 6 the kitchen missed out one of the main course. 2 people ended up having only daal & rice. Amazing.. 3. Cleanliness:- plates were not clean & service shabby. 4. Taste :- Rice daal & alu bhaja was ok. Thnxs for atleast serving it conventionally. Shukto is sweet & high on cream/milk content. Posto bora isn't authentic from any angle. Ilish jhol with begun over cooked. Kacha aam er chatney cudnt have been worse. Overall.. a reluctantly apologetic manager. As if it's our fault we eat here.


Rated 4.0 by Somdatta Chaudhuri

Being a bengali I never had that craze too go out and munch in some bengali food. Coz that's our regular meal. But coincidentally I had my first experience of Bengal food in Tero parbon bcoz of my প্রবাসী বাঙালি cousin. 😂.... And the experience was awesome. Decor - very good. Food- rice and polao are not my cup of tea. So I will only review about the fish items i had. I didn't indulge into chicken or mutton. To start with shorshe pabda.. Prepared in shorshe and onion gravy. It was so good Ilish paturi.... Omg. Heaven on earth. Taste is just too much perfect. Creamy, rich in aroma, and the gravy mouth watering. Dab chingri... A wonderful creation, served in dab. A white sweet and salty curry with jumbo prawns, with coconut paste and cream. It was finger licking good. Over all every item was lip smacking.