South City Mall, Jodhpur Park
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Subway Reviews and Ratings - Jodhpur Park, Kolkata

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Chatterjee.oindrilla12

Tried all the chicken items available my favourite being chicken tandoori. Chicken tikka and chicken teriyaki are worth mentioning as well.. chicken roast feels a little dry.!! Avoid the sour items little to no olives as they might become too overbearing. Almost all breads are nice my favourite being the multi grain one. Veg options are decent as well..


Rated 5.0 by Munmun

Tried ham burger.. It's too yummy.. Ambience was nice of course. I will definitely rate this 5 because of the tasty burger. Will surely visit again some day for sure.


Rated 4.0 by Samujjal Dey

Ordered roasted chicken sub and Turkey sub for dinner.Both were good and healthy.My personal favourite was the turkey sub the thin slices of were juicy and just melted in the mouth.The bread I choose was toasted parmesan oregano was also crispy and hearthy.Overall it was a satisfying meal for a foodie.


Rated 4.0 by Reshov Revu Dey

When your insatiability meets your favourite outlet,it is bound to be firecrackers.Had gone to meet Author Amish Tripathi and after you hear will all your heart,you gotta eat with all your pocket.Checked in with a friend to eat a few loaves filled with baked eggs and chicken strips ,bathed in mayo and mustard.It is bound to be filling when you are surrounded with beauties(read food,food).

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Bhavana Agarwal

Subway is just awesome. The yummiest. The toppings, varied variety of vegetables, sauces nd cheese. The cookies are yum. ❤❤ Subway has always been one of my fav place. M sure these guys eould never let you down. 💗💗