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New Market Area, Esplanade
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Spice Project Reviews and Ratings - Esplanade, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Avijit Barui

Nice place for Thai dishes ! Good delicious food in the centre area of the city of joy . It’s situated near New market area! Service is little slow but foods are awesome !! There are running some combo lunch offers also !


Rated 2.0 by Bijoya

#patheticexperience i am not a food blogger but m forced to write a review on my experience.. First of all very less number of staffs attending to customers.. I mean hardly two guys wer attending to section comprising of 6 tables.. Moreover d same guy was doing multi tasking... Taking orders, serving food and even cleaning the table.. Secondly service is extremely slow.. I mean first i had to wait for 10 mins to get d menu.. Thn wait 30 mins to get d food thn wait 10 mins to get d bill.. Moreover my husband orderd for the drinks menu.. Aftr evn reminding them thrice about it.. We did not get d drinks menu till d end.. We had orderd khao fried rice and sam rot plaa... Food quality was good.. Needless to say.. This was my first and last tym here...


Rated 4.0 by Surjit

Located at the lane between New Empire and Light House and opposite to Shriram Arcade, Spice Project has been existing for quite sometime and had my share of experience with them on more than many occasions. Yet somehow I missed rating them all this time. Starting with the ambiance, it's quite big with high ceilings and long dripping curtains and the Colorado focus is held at red which eventually is the colour pointing at Chinese cuisine. It might look dull to a few but is exactly the kind of environment some look for and I'm one of them. Food, taste and authenticity is never a concern when it comes to this part of the city and certainly SP has maintained it well. I mean, you have plenty of options in this area to go eat Chinese from and unequivocally, all are good but a few offers the kind of seating and options Spice Project does. Liquor again is not a costly affair here and I always have to go for it before my meal. Nothing too low or too high when it comes to the bill and that in a way has been a plus factor for them. All in all, a warm experience with less pinch on your pocket.


Rated 4.0 by Maria

I didn't like d ambience here.. too dull... The sofas were way too cushiony.... Food and it's priced r d dual saving factors for this restaurant... Ordered their famed bang bang chicken and dry chilli chicken teamed with Cantonese noodles... Gud food and quantity was enough for two... It's full value for money..


Rated 5.0 by Rahul D Skinny Bhukkad

Location - Opposite Of Sri Ram Arcade & Beside The Scoop. Basically This is a Thai Restaurant. I Actually never been here before and i never heard this place that Much. Few days back I was just searching on Zomato and suddenly discover this restaurant & it was looking cool, as well as they running " Pay Once Eat Twice " Offers right now. So this was surely steal the deal offer for everyone. So me and one of my friend finally hit that place. Frankly speaking I didn't except a lot from this Restaurant but in reality they stands upto my expectations. They don't only have great offers, their food was also delicious for sure.. Staff Were Nice and courteous too. Interior was quite interesting, basically you got that Thai vibes and They keep playing some smooth music in background as well. Now Let's Talk about the Food In our first visit we ordered - 1) Sa Te Kai - It was amazing and quite different. Basically it was small pieces of chicken , marinated with thai spices and grill it then served it on a stick. 2) Pan Fried Gravy Noodles - This was again delicious. Noodles are so juicy and it had decent amount of veggies, mushrooms, chicken also and top of that noodle they put a omlet too. it was Very Tasty. 3) Bang Bang Chicken - It was very similar to dry Chilli chicken, through it has a little different taste. I liked it a lot. Now In Our Second Visit , We ordered - 1) Phat Phrik Kai - It Was Basically Spicy chicken marinated with chilli paste and garnished with lime leaf. It was mouth watering and one of the best for sure.. it was not that Spicy though but that lime leaf flavor hits you on point and that makes this dish more nice. 2) Hakka Style Noodle ( Non veg ) - It was not bad , decent in taste. 3) Go-Go Ga-Ga - Sound's Cool Right? It was basically brownie With vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce topped with roasted nuts. One of the best dessert. The quantity and the quality of the food was good enough. From the interior to the food , everything was nice. I personally enjoyed a lot and this is truly a hidden gem. Recommended !! That's all... Peace ✌️