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Samsul Huda Road, Camac Street Area
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Soul Reviews and Ratings - Camac Street Area, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Imran Sabri

Personally one of the best hookahs I pulled till dated, all thanks to Aquib. You never need to come down here and decide for yourself , you just need to find where Aquib is and you are done. I promise you'll never regret his hookah. ❤️ - #Soulmatebrothers #tadkhinflavours


Rated 5.0 by Critical Ayaz

Awesome hokkah akib Bhai interior service Outstanding services and brilliant service and after very long time we had dence smoke by akib Bhai love hokkah of akib bhai

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Sree Chakraborty

well it was okayish the food wasnt that great. AMBIENCE was okayish its a one time try place until you have a different taste. the bar area and outside seating is nice other wise its quite gloomy


Rated 1.0 by SayaniB

Me and my friends visited soul cafe in the month of June we had ordered a Scottish egg it tasted so bad that we almost felt like puking! Not going back ever


Rated 4.0 by Hebol Doley

Well, I will have to say my first visit in Calcutta was impressive. In one such impressive acts was this cafe. I along with my mother just wanted a break from my sister's errands. We were in Ballygunge and found this place. After the humid experience we just wanted to relax. And my my, this was a perfect choice. Actually, the board outside the cafe misled(in a very good way which we found out later) us inside as I saw it had Korean cuisine on the board. But as we entered, the whole place had been blanketed by flavoured smoke. Well, the staff politely directed us inside. I felt awkward though as I was with my mother but she was cool with it. But for a moment, I froze as we entered. I would like to thank the staff for making the environment friendly and warm. The staff impressed me. Perhaps, all the people of Calcutta are charming. Well, after we settled down, came the main course of this review, the food. We thoroughly enjoyed the Cream of Mushroom soup and Spaghetti with meat balls. Usually my mother can be a pestering critic in restaurants but she was docile. She enjoyed the quality of service and food. Actually we were quite satisfied after a hot and humid day. Again all thanks to Soul Cafe, you showed us the Soul of Calcutta i.e. the charm. Thank you and God bless in all your endeavours. You are a gem!