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Jodhpur Park

Phone no. - +91 9073731819, 033 46012991


Cost for two - 500

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Rayyan Reviews and Ratings - Jodhpur Park, Kolkata

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Rik Bhatta

A takeaway joint which specialises only in biriyani biriyani which is complemented by their two signature gravy dishes, rayyan biriyani surely knows how to pamper their customers with exquisite packaging, humongous portion and timely delivery! The chicken biriyani was heavenly, reminiscent of that aroma which you generally associate with biriyani! The piece of chicken was good too and there was an egg too! A great purchase it was! The rayyani mutton gravy served as the perfect side dish! The pieces of mutton were less bone and more meat thankfully and it complemented the biriyani well! My only suggestion would be that the mutton could have been a little less oily! This place is surely going to make a name for itself in the coming months! Kolkatans are crazy about biriyani and this place has surely struck the right chord!


Rated 4.0 by Avijit Biswas

I tried their chicken biriyani n mutton chaap... The quality n quantity of biriyani was very good... The mutton chaap was very tasty but the quantity can be little more... There menu was very short n crisp... But while enquiring they also said they do customized party orders wherein they also served Kebabs and other tandoori items... Not helped me much... Hope it will help you guys... You can give it a try...


Rated 4.0 by Akshay Anand

Newly opened outlet only for take away and home delivery. Packaging was impressive and service was fast too. Order arrived very soon. Now come to food. We ordered chicken Biryaani and Mutton Rayyani Gravy. Gravy was good with a piece of mutton but little bit oily. Mutton was properly cooked. Biryaani was awesome with well cooked chicken, one boiled egg and a piece of potato. Quantity was huge in comparison to the price they charged. Pocket friendly outlet for regular biryaani lover.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Sourav Saha

This is a new takeaway and delivery food shop and opted for their delivery. Delivery and Packing 10/10: Fast delivery and very good response from the other end. Packaging is good. Quantity: 10/10 for Biryani, 8.5/10 for side ★Food★ ✩Mutton Biryani(8.5/10): Huge quantity and taste is quiet good. It was slightly over cooked as the rice did clump together but the taste and quantity can make up for it. 1 plate can serve 2 easily. Comes with 1 pc of well cooked, tender mutton, a potato and an egg. ✩Chicken Rayyani Curry(8.5/10): It's good at taste but a bit oily, you might need to separate the oil. The size is just decent, gravy quantity was average. Enough for 1 person. Try it!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Gaurav Sarkar

Ordered from this place today! Was a bit apprehensive at first since its a new biryani joint. However was surprised by the quality of food as well as the packaging! My order was mutton biryani and rayyan chicken gravy! The mutton biryani had a nice big aloo, boiled egg, a nice succulent piece of mutton and huge quantity of biryani rice! Taste wise it was strictly just above average! The rayyan chicken gravy was basically a chicken chaap version of their own! It was a tad bit oily but tasted good! The chicken piece was tender but could have been better as it had more bone than flesh! Overall a good experience nonetheless!

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