Ramkrishna Mistanna Bhandar

Beleghata East
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Ramkrishna Mistanna Bhandar Reviews and Ratings - Beleghata East, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Vishalgadget

Not very famous shop for fresh Sandesh but once you have the Gulab pati Sandesh you will fall in love with the delicacy. It’s supposed to be equally mouthwatering Sandesh as the well known brands of Kolkatta . Not to be missed.


Rated 5.0 by Abhijit Tony Mondal

One of the best Mishtir dokans in east calcutta. Even can beat some of the oldest shops in terms of their taste. I specially love their doi which is irresistible, they also have introduced new Aam doi and that tastes like heaven. Go check out the sweets hope you will enjoy it..........................................

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Bishal Chakraborty | KHANA MONSTER

One of the best sweet outlets in beleghata. Ramkrishna sweets never fail to amaze me. WHAT I ORDERED 1. KHASTA KACHURI 2.BAKED MIHIDANA Loved every bit of it


Rated 4.0 by Pallab Saha

This is a go to place for us whenever we crave for a sweet tooth. Located near trikon park, this place serves quality sweets. If you are looking for freshly made sandesh of chhana, this is the place that you should drop in at Beleghata. Also, their rabri and mishti doi are pretty good.


Rated 4.0 by Mohit Kejriwal

Well, with the likes of Surendranath, BMRM, Ghosh brothers, Nabin Chandra, Chittaranjan …….. etc, we the Kolkatans often tend to ignore other sweet meat outlets – who serve almost the same quality and taste at similar prices – but do not enjoy similar rapport! Yes, I am talking about the Ramkrishna Mishthanna bhandar, conveniently based nearby the Divine Nursing home at Beliaghata! Every sweet meat you have ever heard of is available at this shop – you name it, you get it! Their variety and availability is definitely better than the established big guns of Kolkata named above! It will be pretty unfair to pin point a few of their long list of sweets meats as their best – as all are better than one another! We definitely cannot under estimate the softness of their Sandesh, especially in the winters! Expect some radha ballavi as well as samosa etc for your snack cravings and yes, do visit ASAP to tickle your sweet tooth!