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Ralli's Reviews and Ratings - Ballygunge, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Nitesh Jha

This place is located just beside the golpark is a pure veg place which offers great variety of veg food be it the chole bhature or the different varieties of dosas or the pav bhaji or the drinks everything is quite good they have seating arrangement on the upper level of the shop and they don't allow you to sit with just drinks on your table...the prices are quite cheap and the service is also satisfactory


Rated 3.0 by Annesha Saha

Ralli's is quite famous for veg south indian and north indian food. I payed a visit at the golpark outlet yesterday because i was craving south indian food. But unfortunately because i reached after 7 pm, they were unable to serve dosas or uttapams, but fortunately they did serve me a plate of idlis. So that quenched my craving for south indian food a bit. But i was really hungry so almost reluctantly i had to order chole bhature. The chole lacked salt, i had to ask for more salt. But other than that the food was ok. We had also ordered lemon sodas which were mostly soda and sugar with a bit of lemon. I have had better lemon sodas, i'll be honest. I have visited ralli's before but yesterday's experience was not a very happy one.


Rated 1.0 by Sreya Banerjee

Horrible service and equally bad food. The yougurt was bad. The kulfi wasnt good either. If you want to have good chaats please try someplace else.


Rated 4.0 by Minnie

Visited Ralli's Golpark today, it is much better than the Esplanade outlet. This is because majority of items are available and it has an AC seating place. Sumitava Paul and I had Dahi Phuchka here. It costs Rs 65. 6 pieces and well prepared. It has loads of dahi and the khatta meetha chutni. I felt the coriander leaves quantity could be a bit more just to add to the freshness.


Rated 4.0 by Arjab Mitra

One of the great joints in town where you get lip smacking snacks when you are mainly on a shoe-string budget.During holi if you are craving for some quality vaang thandai in the area,this place would surely not dissapoint you with their special menu different vang concentrates mainly three which are Single,Double,Triple shot(p.s:choose and drink responsibly choosing your needs especially when going for the special triple shot thandai)