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Kalighat North East
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Raj Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Kalighat North East, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Ghazala Afrin

The food was really good and the packing was hygienic


Rated 4.0 by Ritu Julka



Rated 2.0 by Harish Mehta

After completing my order for an amount of Rs 225/,I observed that an amount of Rs 52/- had been charged extra towards Tax. This is ridiculous and quite exhorbitant. At present,GST is only 5%.So,on what ground,they can charge as high as Rs225/-? Then I applied promo code as ZPAYTMNEW but it regretted and said invalid. I tried several times to talk to Raj Restaurant at 24196155 but my calls were unanswered. Finally,I got fed up and ordered elsewhere.


Rated 4.0 by Anjali

Especially enjoyed the pizza here. The best thing about the pizza is that it is made from 100% fresh ingredients and tastes refreshing. Sometimes the dosa batter here is a little fermented what if you come here early in the morning may be that dosa will be better. I've also tried the Thali and it is also very delicious especially the Sambhar. I will be near many many times and would recommend everybody to visit this place


Rated 4.0 by Sourav Banik

What better way to start your lazy Sunday mornings, than with this special coffee at Hotel Homely Raj or Raj restaurant as it is popularly known in the Locality. Known for it famous dosas and other south Indian delicacies, this place is usually crowded during the breakfast hours. Considering the sizes of the dosas, i'd say get 1 dosa for two people, if you do not want to start your day with a really heavy stomach. I visited with my family and got the cheese masala dosa, plain masala dosa and the puri. But highlight of the breakfast was this coffe at the end. It is advertised in their indoor screen as "Dancing Coffee" because u can see the swirling milk interact with the dark coffee beneath. But beware, it is twice the normal shot of a coffee. So it is better split between two people. And look out for the milk foam on the top, scoop it up and try to taste with your tongue. P.S. it was my papa's recommendation. I didn't expect this to be such a good experience.