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Qzin Reviews and Ratings - Jadavpur, Kolkata


Rated 2.5 by Anamika Sarkar

I had ordered Chicken Burnt garlic fried rice and they delivered me with a vegetable one! The quality of chowmein was bad as well. Hot garlic chicken was perfect. However, Teriyaki chicken was over-salty and filled with extra spices. Very disappointed with the entire platter. Not much of insight on the interiors as never visited.


Rated 2.0 by Arijit Acharya

food quality is not at all good.


Rated 1.0 by Mili

Ordered foods on Diwali night being extremely hungry Already prepaid Was supposed to get order by 11 After not getting by time called up n they said due to rains it is taking lil longer but be assured it is on its way So obviously was waiting for the foods as we were hungrt So after waiting till 11.40 night got text from tomato saying order can't be delivered because of some problem by Qzin So at 11.40 midnight!! (and it was Diwali also!) I had to make dinner!! Imagine! I cannot comment how the food is as this was me first time ordering from here and never went to the place either No matter how good tastes Service is no 1 factor And their service is poor


Rated 1.0 by Tad D.

One of the biggest mistakes in my life ordering from this shitty place. I gave it a rating one because there was no option for negative rating! I had ordered from this place on a Monday night and had some guests over. I was left red faced due to their sheer incompetence in handling orders. The restaurant could not give me the number of the delivery guy and the managing staff said he was new. Talk about professionalism! The delivery guy could not locate my place even though I am situated bang on the EM Bypass Main road a few mins from Acropolis mall. He turned up at the wrong address and finally I had to go out on the main road to get my order. I was left embarrassed at the presence of my guests who had to wait to get their dinner. I am never again in my life ordering from this place The food was average also I request Zomato not to keep listings of such third class places who have no sense of time


Rated 3.0 by Srijanee Adhikari

Chicken chowmein had good subtle flavours but was nearly bland. Also, less oil is recommended.