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Olypub Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata


Rated 3.0 by Kiran Bhujel

I don't have anything totally negative to say yet. The beef steak was really good but the mashed potatoes on the side was rather unappetizing. The fish and chicken kebabs are my favourite here but the experience depends on a lot of factors. It can either be damn good or dreadful depending on the the day you visit, the time and rush hour. Since it's a big deal in Kolkata, I'd say give it try and see for yourself. The main motivation here is cheap booze after all.


Rated 2.0 by Shaan

I know how people swear by this restaurant! The interiors has become so shabby that the last time I went was quite scared if the roof falls down! The utensils were not properly washed..the food is below average quality, some old fellows consuming beer and shouting so loud that you feel you are at a rally! After settling the bill, while I was about to leave, the waiter told me that what I had given was too little 'bakshis' and insisted I pay more! Quite unprofessional service with hygine being a big issue, the food tasted stale and much below average.


Rated 2.0 by Angshuk Ghosh

The legendary Beef Steak only gets smaller in size. The staff is rude as usual, shamelessly asking for tips without providing any helpful service.


Rated 1.0 by Kollol Biswas

It's a name of disaster when you are looking for some good ambiance and service. We chose the 1st floor area which was less noisy than the ground floor. When the table was offered it was not cleaned up. We waited for 10 mins on the table with unfinished food of our predecessors and I had to reach the service person to request him to clear it of. Then staff1 came and asked for order and we ordered fish fingers and 3 whisky. After sometime staff2 came with a bottle in his hand, tumblers and a jigger. He started measuring three 60 ml of whisky and spilled 20 ml on the table. Then he went away to bring ice and complementary snack and forgot us. Somehow we found him again and he served the ice and complementary snack on request. By that time we forgot about the fish fingers when it came. I must say, the Fish finger was really very good and so was the mustard sauce(Kasundi). Then i ordered finger chips and it was all my mistake. What came over the table was dead looking soft, sauted potatoes covered in oil without any seasoning. The ketchup failed to bring life in the fingers. Finally we ordered a beef steak which was ok. Overall it was my first and last visit to olypub. But to all surprise the place of full of people mostly office goers in Park Street area and a few college students from that area. The place surely have a different charm as a regular stop for all those people. It must be a sense of attachment and bit of nostalgia having a whisky tumbler in hand for many years.


Rated 2.0 by Anusreeta

People do prefer this place because of the reasonable price of alcohol. Other than that, I absolutely did not like the place or it's ambience. The interior is very dull. The staffs are old and not at all courteous. They ask too many questions while serving. The washroom is absolutely disgusting. Whatever food we asked for was not available, so we just opted for fresh lime soda. The two star rating because they did let us cut a cake which we got for a friend's birthday. Needs a lot of improvement!