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Southern Avenue, Kalighat South East
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Oceania Reviews and Ratings - Kalighat South East, Kolkata


Rated 1.0 by Piyush Gupta

Couldnt find whipped cream in the fruit salad with whipped cream. The fruits were almost rotten. Disgusting


Rated 2.0 by Subir Chakraborty

Visited for 2017 Durga pujo shasthi lunch buffet. This southern avenue restaurant is located at a walking distance from the metro station. Its food quality failed to impress me. Seating space was small so had to wait irritatingly. Service was bad. Only a complementary platter of two pieces illish was tasty. Sorshe illish was properly cooked. Otherwise no other dish deserves to be mentioned in the review. From welcome drink to starters, from main course to desserts, all tasted below average. Prawns were chewy and hard. Machher paturi was below average. Chicken and mutton preparations were not attractive at all. Even my fingers refused to click the photos of all the items present there. I don't think I will try this place again in future. Can't score more than 2 stars.


Rated 3.0 by Kushal Basu

Nice ambiance. v Average food. Veg thali is good. Non veg is costly as gives one piece chicken. But the taste is pretty good. So you can try.


Rated 2.5 by Kalyan Basu

Nearbuy and Little users. This one's located on southern Avenue. Can easily spot it while walking on southern Avenue. A big hotel with an attached restaurant. Serves on swiggy and also on Little app and nearbuy. Tried their Indian Veg Thali and Non veg Thali.. Food was good. Tastes great. And sufficient enough for one person. . The veg Thali is good enough. Contains Dal Paneer roti rice etc. They have a fixed menu day wise. The non veg Thali is not upto the mark as you pay an extra ₹50 just for one piece of chicken of very small size. 1/16th of a Chicken

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Aditya Das

Okayish Place I would say.. group of 12 people so had variety of cuisines..I personally had Continental food. First I took Hawaiian salad which is an instant hit.With Mayo ,chicken shreds and all types of vegetables.. its delicious.(Recommended) Next I took Chicken Steak which I would say is above average to pretty good(somewhere in the middle).The bowled veggies& Mashed potatoes were tasty..and chicken with its stuff was pretty ok but I felt the sauce or gravy could have been tastier. In dessert I had their chocolate Monte Carlo which was the best order of the day.Vanilla Ice cream in brownish cake and some chocolate given on was one of the coolest desserts I had.I had a bit of the Chinese&Tandoori dishes from other people.Chinese dishes were ok but nothing great(u can get the same in some hotels at 1/2 or 1/3rd the price u paid.Tandoori was real good but nothing too great.Overall: Food 4/5(Continental..ones I had); Other(Chinese& North Indian I tasted):3/5 Service 3/5: Pretty slow...had to wait for a long time..even though we were the only customer that evening ( a guy came after 80% of the order were no excuses).my sister was VERY hungry and just because it was a family didn't matter much.Waiter and mamager were polite enough. Menu(Cuisines) 4.5/5: All type available Mexixan, continental,chinese,north Indian,Mughlai, Mocktails etc. Ambience 4/5: Nice decor..but small 30-40 sitting max..they have a TV though for live screening of sports and tables&napkins well arranged too. Value for money 3.5/5: This is where the problem lies.Pretty costly and for the ordinary chinese they serve..prices on the higher side..same for Tandoori chicken and kebabs..bit costly.. Continental food was ok for the price though.Quantity was moderate too for the price taken.Desserts except Baked Alaska(Rs330 4can have was written in their menu) sounds costly considering it can be completed by 2-3 people.Other desserts and mocktails were reasonable to cheap(Rs80-110). Could visit this place again..but because of the pocket crunch& the ordinary tastes of some cuisines, guess I'll think twice before going here again.