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No Junktion Bistro


Phone no. - 033 30991356


Cost for two - 800


American, Lebanese, European, Italian, Asian

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No Junktion Bistro Reviews and Ratings - Keyatala, Kolkata

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Soham Sinha

'No Junktion Bistro' is located in Purna Das Road. ( Beside Baskin Robbins). As the name of the restaurant suggests, it is a one stop solution for all of them who crave for junk food but also resists from it due to it's unhealthiness. With such a unique concept, here's presenting you a NO JUNK HEALTHY CAFÉ in the City of Joy. It is a duplex restaurant with sitting capacity of more than 50. The second floor is decorated with wall graphitis which look actually cool and portrays a casual ambience and is definitely a spot to hangout with friends! As we entered the place, the staff greeted us and got a seat in the upper floor. We headed to order from their enormous junk free food menu! We chose : • Chicken Thapsa : Splendid! Yes, that's the perfect word for it. Never had something like that before. This dish turned out to be amazing because of it's taste and texture. The presentation was on point too which will surely compell one to try it. • No Junkman Mashed Chicken Burger : Signature chicken mash, caramelized onions, low fat cheese and sunny side up egg is it's ingredients which makes it's taste wonderful and will make you crave for another one! • Spaghetti Lemonatti : Made with bits of organic quinoa, tomatoes, fresh herbs, hints of garlic pesto and parsiey. I never had such tasty junk free noodles before! Loved it. • Quinoa Dark Chocolate Cake : One hell of a dessert. The texture, the taste and presentation turned to be totally awesome! Every every bite of it left us wanting more of the chocolate cake. Doodle made by the chocolate sauce on the plate is something really innovative. • No Whey! Protein Punch: Made with cocoa, honey, low fat peanut and banana, this drink is absolutely healthy and refreshing. • Herbed Lemonade : Made with herb, honey, mint, basil and parsiey, this was a cooler which I loved a lot and it went well with every food item as well. A must try indeed! The quality and quantity of these junk free items suffices one and the food is top notch. Full marks for the mesmerising concept and hats off to their owner for such a wonderful initiative. Do visit this place to explore their healthy food items and also explore this new idea of healthy junk in Kolkata! Recommended. Food Quality : 4.5/5 Ambience and Decor : 4.5/5 Service : 4/5


Rated 4.0 by Divya Jalan

A tasty and super healthy place to eat food guiltfree, a minor glitch was there but at the end a complimentary affogato made up for it. Very nice effort to introduce food that satisfies the junk craving in a healthy nutritious way !! Surely going to visit again 😊


Rated 4.0 by Nayanika Saha

It's a nice cafe, good ambience, friendly staff n good food. The food they serve is delicious n healthy so it's good n safe if u want to eat out n be on my diet at the same time.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Pankaj Kumar Khaitan

Oxymoron .. As the food here has two opposite qualities.. The one is food is junk and the other is food is healthy.. So junk and healthy is the combination which we can get here.. Must visit.. I tried Lebanese Brown Rice Kabsa and No Junk Faux Pas Pizza...the both were tasty.. But the latter one was amazing.. First time I had sweet pizza.. Loved the ambience also..

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Abhishek Panchali

So, off late, I have been trying to lose some weight but my inner foodie deeply despises my healthy eating habits. So, I went on a lookout for a healthy place to quench my cravings for a good end of week 'cheat-day-meal'. I was recommended to go to this place by more than just a handful of people(foodies, to be precise). So, we hit this place around late evening on Friday night. Right off the bat, the story of the owner alone should be motivational enough for you to start livingva healthier lifestyle, which is written on the front page on the menu. We did get to meet him later on as well and he seemed a really down to earth person...but later on that. The place is very well decorated and lit as well and it has 2 floors. Coming, to the star attraction, the food...I was anything but disappointed. The Pizza was really good. It had a truckload of cheese on it to make up for the whole wheat hard crust. Nevertheless, it was both satisfying your tummy along with your soul. The chocolate shake was actually better than mine but hey I ain't complaining cause the ingredients 'shed some kilos' shake had in it would please the healthiest of eaters. It was by no means bad, though. All in all, it was lovely experience. Looking forward another visit real soon.

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