Monkey Bar

Shakespeare Sarani, Park Street Area
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Monkey Bar Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata


Rated 3.0 by Abhinandita Sarkar

The ambience was perfect..the staff behaviour was also coming to the food price and quality..the food quality was not so extraordinary as the price potrays..its a good place for hangout but just beware of your budget..and before entering jus check the menu card on zomato.😉


Rated 1.0 by Abaneeta Chakraborty

I could have ignored how bad the food was as the drinks were good and the waiters were sweet but here is what happened:  Closer to 11:15, we were pushed to order our last drinks and goaded to order as many at one go since the bar would get closed. We ordered 2 drinks which were served a good 20 minutes late. I had just about finished my first drink when the "Manager" came and had the audacity to talk to me like he is the police ordering me to finish up the drink. Not requesting but barking at me. I was annoyed so I put the drink in front of him to take it away and he did! Can you believe that? No apologies, no explanation. They made us order, brought in the drinks late, misbehaved, wasted my money and spoilt my mood. In some other restaurants they give you your drink in a paper cup if this happens but never offend diners. and they don't goad to you to order either. I Know that people who do these jobs are generally not with the best education but they should atleast get trained. That is definitely on the restaurant owner. THUMBS DOWN. Never going back.


Rated 3.0 by Nivedita

Nice place to chill out with friends. There was separate smoking area for smokers and non smokers. The non smoker area have a view to die for. Foods were average, the fish item (I don't remember the name) was bit smelly definitely not basa, other items that we tried were of average quality with less quantity (around 3 to 4 pieces in each dish). One such item was butterfly chicken which had only 3 pieces, noodles with pork belly was good though again less in quantity. For desert we had ice-cream sandwich which was absolutely was as hard as ice. We were unable to cut it with the spoon. We had to wait for half an hr gazing at it and wishing it will melt at some point of time so that we can enjoy it. I had ice-cream sandwich earlier but the floor manager claimed that this is the way ice-cream sandwiches are made. Cocktails were the only saving grace for this restro hence aptly named Monkey "Bar". My verdict - if u want to enjoy the view with drinks only then choose this restaurant..not for the food lovers like me!


Rated 4.0 by Taush Dutta

Everything is nice but the lifts need to fixed as they are in a very bad condition. We were stuck in one of the lifts it was a very messy situation due maintain the lift. Ambiance food presentation is perfect Cost I think should get revised a bit cause it's a bit costly place. Collection of wines are awesome Friendly staffs. Overall the experience was nice except the lifts.


Rated 5.0 by Anaya Ghosh

Night Life @ Monkey Bar. It was a great experience yesterday night. Me with my  Friends went there. Enjoying a tonne 🤞❣️😇😍 ambiance was just awesome and food quality was also very good!!