Bakery, Fast Food Joint

Monika Ice Cream

Park Street Area

Phone no. - +91 9883344001


Cost for two - 400

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Monika Ice Cream Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Shemanti Mondal

It’s a student friendly corner I must say..the ice creams are nice and so are the quick bites. must try these cold coffee with ice cream.. this shop serves innumerable flavours of ice creams to lighten up your sad mood. Dobrial Rose


Rated 3.0 by Soumyadipta Kundu

Well a pocket friendly place. Has a wide range of ice creams and shakes. Tried the Badam shake with vanilla ice cream And special Badam shake. They're were fine, nothing out of the ordinary. Garnished well with a layer of cream and dried fruits and nuts. The Monika special chocolate ice cream was pretty ordinary as well. If you're low on cash and Would love a place to sit and chat visit this place. Also they don't offer any bills. This is kind of disturbing;bills should be provided.


Rated 4.0 by Parnashree Ghosh

Monika icecream parlour has variety of flavors that also at a very reasonable price. Minimum cost is 50 rs and maximum is 90rs...they have in their menu card icecream soda Fresh fruit icecream Fruit asalad with icecream Cold coffee Vegetable icecream Snacks The cold coffee was not that good but the icecreams were very tasty...the Cold coffee with icecream is of 70rs and the Monika spcl cold coffee is 90 this special one you get to choose two different scoops of icecreams of your choice and the one which is 70rs that comes with vanilla or butterscotch ice cream. There ate sitting arrangements and fully airconditioned but its a small place. Bit anyways the food is good ...though haven't tried the snacks i.e Mc Cain Sandwich Frenchfries—and many more Thid is a very pocket friendly place situated beside the wow momo exide outlet.


Rated 4.0 by Dr. Paromita Adhikary

I have been here innumerable times, had atleast 100 ice creams over here. Apart from the usual vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, butter scotch flavours, the blueberry, black currant and the 2in 1 flavours are the speciality here. Always recommended for a quick grab while shopping in esplanade area.


Rated 4.0 by Simran Ghosh

Okay loved the quality of ice cream and different version of ice creams.Though the quantity is less what i felt but quality is amazing.Pleased with the service no doubt.Must try pink city and cookie ice cream.❤

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