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Kimli Reviews and Ratings - Keyatala, Kolkata

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Siddhartha Sarkar

One of the most pocket friendly Chinese restaurant in south kolkata. It is situated in hindusthan park just beside Nava Nalanda HS department building. Red pepper chilli garlic lollipop is amazing here.Amabience is quite good with proper serve. Kung pao chicken, Hong Kong chicken & schezwaan chicken tastes really good. Quality with proper quatity which exactly matters for a foodie is what exactly we get in this restaurant. For all Chinese lovers its a must visit restaurant.


Rated 4.0 by Shreyankita Dutta

Kimli has been my favourite Chinese food joint since ages now. Located near gariahat,this place serves some lipsmacking Chinese dishes at very low price. And the quantity of food is huge. I generally go there for their very special red pepper chilly garlic chicken lollypop. That's the best thing they make.


Rated 4.0 by Taneema Samanta

Had ordered online for a Sunday dinner recently. Food was unexpectedly good unlike the rating. We ordered veg hakka noodles, mixed chow chow rice, paneer garlic and tom yum chicken soup. The quantity of each food was upto the mark, so much that one item can be shared by two people easily. Coming to the quality...the veg hakka noodles was perfectly cooked with perfect use of herbs, the mixed chow chow rice was a surprise for me bcz i never tried one before and to my utter surprise it was just perfect, the taste the aroma everything was perfectly blended. The paneer garlic was a bit spicy and tasted really good, it was actually complimenting the simple chow chow rice. The only fallback was the tomyum chicken soup,too spicy too oily to be marked as a was a disaster...otherwise it was a great sunday meal...!!


Rated 3.0 by Maya Chowdhury

Ordered Red Pepper Chilli Garlic fish Chicken Lollipop Fish of Green sauce Chowmein and Fried Rice.. Food was okayish.. The fish items were good however the Chowmein and Fried Rice were pretty ordinary.. Rated 3 for the Rice and Noodles ..


Rated 4.0 by Sanjay Bhowmik

It's a restaurant with a quiet comfort, quaint streets in front, trees and walkways, all the things you need for a good ambience and post dinner stroll. Economical, for a variety of items, costed a mere grand. Mei foon and garlic chicken was good with a balanced taste. You have to wait a bit in the peak evening time which is the only dampener....Rest I would recommend it for a try.