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Jimmy's Kitchen Reviews and Ratings - Jhautala, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Guria Roy

The quality of food is really very good.I went here atleast 2-3 times.I like their ice cream especially. The mixed fried rice(which consists of pork) is also very delicious.


Rated 1.0 by Somdutta Brahma

I have visited this place before. But today i visited with family and it was a big big let down. The chilly chicken was anything by chilly. There was no taste, no sauce added. I also ordered pepper chicken dry which tasted like chicken pakoda cooked by a novice. The staff was extremely disrespectful when we pointed out the flaws. The Chopsuey tasted so sweet that i was wondering if they have added the whole tomato sauce in the bottle or the entire sugar packet!!! :P Definitely will not visit this place again. I am hoping the other outlets have not degraded to this extent.


Rated 3.0 by Promeet Dutta

Nice pace with a well to do decor. Even the staff was helpful. Now coming to the Food the quality is average with a blend of Chinese and As well as Indian. The food quality is accordance with the price is very much up to the mark. Even the Hard Drinks That were served was very not that highly priced. In short if you are low on budget then it’s a good place to have dinner with booze.


Rated 1.0 by Kaushik Das

Very BAD experience all throughout. Reached there with family (06pax) around 09:30pm on Saturday. Seemed the staff wasn't ready to welcome us at all. Whatever starters we ordered whether chicken DIMSUMS/chicken wings -we were told that it would take at least 30 mins for the Dish to be ready. We had come to spend quality time with family. We never asked for the timings. The repetition of the time somewhat irked me. It made us feel that we are not wanted and were being discouraged from ordering. When I voiced my displeasure I was simply told that it would take so much time. Starters were served. No basic accompaniments were there on the table. Had to ask for the same chilli vinegar, etc. Asked for chopsticks-was told it is not available.... Pathetic.... Have been visiting your Theatre Road outlet since childhood. Came to Kolkata after 18 years with that sort of image and hospitality in mind. PATHETIC- If you do not have competent staff then it's going to be your DOWNFALL for sure. Do take some drastic steps in case you want to be ahead in the LONG RUN//// CHEERS


Rated 4.0 by Soumen Dutta

have been a regular customer of their ajc bose road outlet. food quality is as good. price ofcourse is on higher side but i never repent only because of the taste of food. I have been a fan of chinese food from Jimmys Kithchen from my childhood days when my late father used to tske us there for having quality chinese food