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Jam House Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Tanya Kataruka

Small cosy cafe (Dark).Tasty food.Wide range of food for vegetarians.Music is really appreciable.(Karaoke there).Ambience is okayish.It's a duplex kinda cafe.upper floor has better space.A little pricy. Good food: Lasagne, Au-gratin ,mixed sauce pasta Must try : Jam house special


Rated 3.0 by Tanusree Roy

The place is quite nice as ambiance. Order pasta here. The food is average. The songs played here were good, the nice place to hang out with your friends.. But the service people are very desperate about the feedback as they had feedback form in cafe.


Rated 4.0 by Sandip Biswas

Excellent experience.. from walking in the door and being greeted by employee, seated and food drink nd hookah order taken, was maybe 5 minutes. Meal was served hot and excellent taste. Server was very friendly and helpful.


Rated 4.0 by Nandini Poddar

After reading some nice reviews about this place finally I visited today. Location: near excide. Few minutes walk from Haldirams. Just opposite to Gokul sweets. Sisha: I am a hookah lover so it was quite obvious that I will order for hookah. We ordered kiwi gum. I love the way they have served the hookah. Food: I was not hungry so ordered something lite. I ordered wai wai pakora and paneer popcorn. I must say wai wai pakora was really tasty that I couldn’t control myself from ordering one more. Paneer was not bad. But wai wai pakora has stolen my heart. Mocktails: they don’t serve any alcohol. So if you are looking for alcohol it’s surely not for you. However if you really want to try some mocktails then yes pls do give it a try. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they have served the beverages. We ordered bubble gum candy floss mojito. The mojito was place on top of a kettle with a huge candy floss. Though I didn’t enjoy the taste. I found it too sweet. But on the other hand Jam house special hurricane made my evening. Again the presentation was an attraction and yes it was refreshing too. Ambiance: I love the sitting arrangements. It was quite amazing. If you come with a group or just two you will definitely enjoy over their live music. Bright colours are really creating a energetic vibe. I was about to give this place 5 star BUT... WHAT I HATED: I went to washroom. As there was a queue I was waiting outside. One lady came out and informed the staff that flush is not working. Staff went inside. Then after a while when I went inside I saw some nuisance which was not expected at all. All my good feelings went to toss. Flush was still not working. Staff didn’t inform me. I believe hygiene should be the utmost important thing that should be taken care of...


Rated 5.0 by Nidhi Mehrotra

Food Hookah Ambience Live music If you desire all the aspects in one place, Jam house is your go to place. It is one of the very few cafes in town that is open all night upto the morning untill 6am. I had been there just this week with a group of 6 people. The interiors have turned out to be amazing after the renovation and the seating is much more comfortable now as compared to before. Coming to the food, we ordered the Jam house special platter which was so filling as it had everything starting from continental or Italian to chinese. We had also ordered a continental platter on the side. The lasagna and au gratin tasted heavenly. Hookah here has scrumptious varieties, starting from different bases and super dope flavours. Our go to was the skull hookah and was superbly made. It looked perfect for all our snapchat stories. Last but not the least, we ordered 4 drinks. Oreo shake( totally worth it), The bubblegum candy floss mojito (looked appealing tasted okay, however the cotton candy makes it worth it), the virgin mojito (too sweet, though they changed it but still tasted the same), Fruit sangria (extremely refreshing). The overall experience was superb. The staff was extremely humble and attentive and the place is totally lit for pictures for your Instagram. You should definitely visit Jam house atleast once.