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India Restaurant

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Zoological Garden Area
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India Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Zoological Garden Area, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Upamanyu Sengupta

This place is almost like an institution.One of the most ancient places in Kolkata to serve Biriyani. Kidderpore docks,the fancy market and The India restaurant is a holy trinity every Kolkatan must visit to get a feel of this part of the city. The ambience is simple and classy,the service is definitely prompt. We ordered special kebab platter.It consisted of two mutton kebabs, two chicken kebabs and prawn tandoori.Also tried the mutton paseenda kebab. Very nice dish with small succulent mutton kebabs coated with special spices and drizzled over by a ghee based gravy. In the mains,we had their signature Mutton kacchi Biryani.The speciality of the Biryani was that it was cooked in whole spices instead of powdered ones.Accompanied with ghee and dry fruits, these spices gave a very unique flavor to the dish. Also ordered Mutton Rezala with Naan.Good but not special. Very satisfying quality of the food and the portions are huge. Royal dining experience.


Rated 5.0 by Aditya Das

Ordered a plate each of mutton and chicken biriyani,their special India chicken and 1 butter nun from this place. The Biriyani was spicy,with one piece of mutton/chicken and one aloo..and was excellent in taste. The special India chicken had 1 chicken piece,1 aloo,1whole tomato,half egg & 1 carrot along with a VERY tasty gravy which gave the dish a stew type feel without compromising on the Moghlai flavour. The nun was also crunchy,buttery and a little sweet hence really great in taste. Overall compared to the price of Biriyanis( Rs170 for both mutton and chicken),the quantity (good for 1 medium appetite type guy) and quality was really praiseworthy. Although the special Chicken had only one breast piece chicken,the other stuff and the taste made up for the slightly less quantity of chicken and hence the price(Rs 160) was kinda reasonable. The butter nun at Rs45 was also good value for money. They didn't charge for the containers which was good too. The food was delivered a bit late due to traffic but the delivery guy apologized repeatedly. Hence,very good delivery and dinner experience I would say at pocket friendly rates. Will certainly visit( or order from) this place again in the near future and try their other Mughlai dishes.


Rated 5.0 by Priyanka Bardhan

In one word- It's awesome . The ambience is so good, you get to enjoy your food with all your heart. For a quick lunch we just ordered biryani and firni. Biryani for sure is amazing and a must try dish here.


Rated 1.0 by Rai Chakrabarty

The PR as well as the waiters literally force to give the restaurant 5 stars and write good reviews on Zomato,even if u don't like the food and poor service


Rated 1.0 by Sadique Ahmed

The food was not fresh and was old stock