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Golden Joy Reviews and Ratings - Dhapa, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Jagrity

One of the famous restaurant in Chinatown.the only problem is that its always full and crowded. We ordered : 1. Fried Wontons (3/5) 2. Pakchoy(5/5) : must order. Green pakchoy with small bits of chicken. 3. Thread chicken (3/5) : bit on oily side. 4. Kung Pao chicken (3/5) : good. I never order gravy items, but it was not bad either. 5. Mixed Hakka noodles (4/5) : same as other Chinese restaurant 6. Ya mein (1/5) : Kim fa's Ya mein is better than golden Joy's 7. Chilli chicken (4/5)


Rated 4.0 by Susmita Bakshi

One of my favourite Chinese restaurants. Have been going there since a long time.The quality of main course has been deteriorated a bit.Nice ambience.Staffs are well behaved.


Rated 5.0 by Snehasish Bhattacharjee

Visited this place several times, and it does not let me down anytime be it with food quality or atmosphere. Beautiful bar cum restro. The one who serves are also very polite in nature and friendly too.


Rated 1.0 by Nillohit,Kuheli (thatfoodie_couple)

This place would have got a full 5star rating from us if not the behavior of a staff bothered us at the end. So let us first discuss the positive point and then will move onto our reason of being unsatisfied totally. After coming to know that this is the best place of China Town,we decided to drop in for boozing and chilling.And we found out that maximum were boozing and chilling along with food.However little did we know that our comfortable start will end into a horrible experience. Alcohol~ Here alcohol comes quite cheap,so automatically your intake of alcohol may increase because this place wont drill a hole in your pocket because of their alcohol. 1)We took two nips of Royal Stag. 2)One Carlsberg(large) Beverages~ 1)Coca Cola They serve prawn chips along with your alcohol. Food ordered~ 1)Red Pepperfry Fish~Crispy and tasty. 2)Dry Chilli Chicken~Tasted good too. Overall verdict~The reason we have deducted so many marks inspite of good food,good ambiance and reasonable price is that the behavior of a staff wasnt acceptable at all.All were served with their prawn chips way too earlier along with their alcohol.We were served almost at the end when we were about to finish our drink.So we complained just about this and one of the staff just rudely said that, 'If you are having this much issue,cancel the order'.Later also he was instructing others to first clear our bill and then listen.Now let us be very clear we have come to have a good time not to listen harsh words.And if something is wrong we will complain.And we are complaining,neither we are using harsh words,neither being rude,neither throwing tantrums and having free food.And where staffs are isnt polite,no point in giving the place full marks or higher rating as food and staff behavior plays a vital role in every restaurant.


Rated 3.0 by Sudipta Das

Food > Tasty. 😚 Quality > Good.πŸ‘ Quantity > Average.πŸ–– Value for money > So so 😞 We ordered:- Chicken Drums of Heaven(4/5) Fried Chicken Wantons (2/5) Fish Fingers (3/5) Mixed Fried Rice(3/5) Hunhan Chicken (2/5) Vanilla Ice-Cream with Choco Syrup(3/5) They wrongly replaced my parcel with my friend's. πŸ˜” Ambience was good.πŸ™‚ Good for quality times with family and friends πŸ˜‡