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Gelato Italiano Reviews and Ratings - South Dum Dum, Kolkata


Rated 2.5 by Aman Gaulechha

This outlet is located in a residential area, this was my second visit to this outlet. Luckily visited it on 1st which had a flavour of the month, 2 to be more specific but the server choose to reveal just once, which I was later told that its his normal tendency to sell only that flavour out of all flavours of the day which is less in demand. Coming to others, I found the available flavours to be less then other outlets. Tried lychee which was flat and I didn't like it. The staff was also not friendly and was reluctant to serve it in cones and in small cups citing they are sold out, probably as I had asked for the flavour of the month.


Rated 3.0 by Shaunak Bhattacharjee

To start, I would like to point out that the ice creams here are expensive and they taste pretty average. The ice creams are not that much creamy either. Plus this store is so small that it would make you feel claustrophobic. Besides the mainstream vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch flavours, the other ones will bury a hole in your pocket even for one single scoop. Oh! And the staff here is kinda uncool I would say.


Rated 3.0 by Akanksha Ahuja

There is no doubt that Gelato is a leading ice cream chain in the city so I won't be writing about how good their ice cream is. My rating of a 3.0 is because I found the sole guy managing this outlet to be rude and discourteous. I am never going to come here again solely because of his behaviour. Avoid this place if you don't want to spoil the taste of your ice cream!

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Tanuj Das

Well for this outlet one negative point is they don't accept cards.. I have been a fan of Gelato from a long time and as usual my tongue prefer dark chocolate so Madagascar chocolate or Belgium chocolate is always my choice.. This outlet is small but 2 person can sit inside and have their Gelato in peace.. Overall, except the card issue everything is same as other outlet..

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Piyali Saha

I am not really an ice-cream fan. My favourite ice cream is the orange stick by kwality walls or may be the cola one. Hence I never paid any serious attention to big ice cream parlours like Gelato or Swirls. As suggested by Tanuj Das, I went for the Madagascar Chocolate. I have to say I liked it but the texture was very similar to chocolate mousse. No wonder it is the flavour of the month!