Gaylords Restaurant - Lytton Hotel

New Market Area, Park Street Area
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Gaylords Restaurant - Lytton Hotel Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Promita Mukherjee

What happens when you get hit by Chinese food craving in the middle of shopping in New Market? Well, there are two options: you can either walk into Jimmy's Kitchen, or walk to Sudder Street and into Gaylord at Lytton Hotel. I'm getting a little bored with Jimmy's frankly, so I walked into Gaylord after a very long time and decided to settle for a soup and main course. The chef recommended Creamy Chicken soup and true to its name, it was quite rich and creamy with generous amounts of shredded chicken. Crisp and non oily French fries and cola were perfect accompaniments. The soup was enough to serve two people. I wrapped up dinner with Mixed Chowmein with pork and Lemon Thai chicken. The Chowmein was prepared in the chopsuey style and was quite spicy. The Lemon Thai chicken was excellently prepared. From the aroma (subtle hints of lemongrass) to the taste, it had me craving for more. Soft pieces of chicken nestled on a creamy gravy, it can be devoured all by itself as well. I'm certainly going to walk into Lytton more often.


Rated 4.0 by RT

Today my friend told me that I should visit gaylords restaurant to have the steak so I decided to come down here for that. The location of the restaurant is in Lytton hotel. The Watchmen told me to enter through the back door and take the stairs directly to the restaurant which I did. On first look the Ambience looked like it was peaceful and a bit dated. There weren't many people around so it was peaceful. I ordered a Singapore steak. It took them around 20 minutes to bring it out. I has specified the steak to be cooked to medium and it was according to my wishes which was a fear of mine because in Kolkata people always serve well done Steak instead of medium. It was served along with a side of french fries boiled and sauteed vegetables and gravy. the meal was decently priced also. I would recommend everybody to visit this place and enjoy.e 4 star thanks a lot


Rated 4.0 by Bondeepa_G

Located in a really nice place, it is a good option for a meal. I headed there with my family for a dinner after tiring ourselves in New Market. The staff is really very friendly and welcoming. Food : 4/5 Ambience : 3.5/5 Service : 5/5 Value for money : 4/5

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Brandon Azyu

So, I entered this hotel because it was close to the museum that I wanted to visit. I went in hoping for a quick lunch before exploring the museum. The looks and environment were exactly not what you'd expect in a normal dine out restaurant. The seating were mainly arranged for 4 or more guests per table. It was quiet with no background music or any sort of entertainment. The staff were friendly and polite although they lacked the professional standards of a well established restaurant. I had ordered an onion steak which didn't take much time but then there were slight adjustments that were called for in terms of its preparation. They forgot to ask me how I would like my steak cooked and therefore they served me a well done steak instead of a medium rare doneness as I would have preferred. The fries on the sides were good, the mixed vegetables however, had thier broccoli over sautéed which caused it to lose its color and crunch and resulted in a greasy and soggy mess. The sauce of the steak was too salty for my liking but the presentation of the whole dish wasn't too bad. It was adequate. Anyway, if any of you ever go and visit this place my suggestions are : It's not a place for a romantic dine out nor is it suitable for celebrating an eventful occasion. It's just another hotel cum restaurant where the restaurant just exists as a requirement for the hotel.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by #Foodalcoholic#

Gaylord was situated in suddar street...we had drinks and was preety cool, service too good....but when we ordered for tengri kebab service person said that it will take to make atleast and minimum 1hours-its dissapoint us at that time i thought may be they made with some special ingredients 5 star hotel or other restaurant doesnt take 30mints more than that....overall good experience