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South Dum Dum
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Ganguram Reviews and Ratings - South Dum Dum, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Subham Seal

Yesterday I ordered Khir chop and 1kg Misti Doi.I just got the order within 15 minutes.Doi and the khir chop both were very tasty.Thanks for faster delivery by zomato.


Rated 4.0 by Puo

If you are sweet lover in Calcutta then it's not really possible to not know about this place. Having multiple branches in all over the city, they have earned their name and fame. I have tried almost every other sweet they have to offer and here's what I think about them. 1. Choco candy sandesh- 5/5- No second thoughts, if you are a chocolate lover then this is what heaven tastes like. Absolutely brilliant and beautiful. Loaded with choco chips, this gives a new edge to the traditional sweets and also the fact that the sweetness doesn't overpowers the taste is the reason why it's one of their must try. 2. Abar Khabo-5/5- Rightly named because after having it, you will crave another piece of this kheer goodness. This one actually melts in your mouth and taste is absolutely heavenly. However if you are getting it home delivered then try to consume it by that day itself as it's made of kheer and can go bad especially in summers. 3. Indrani- 4/5- Kind of like rasmalai but far more superior than the ones you find in local areas. If you like rasmalai then you will definitely love this. 4. Kaju Barfi- 4/5- The kaju barfi is worth mentioning because most of the shops will give you kheer and badam barfi and sell it as kaju barfi. Haldiram is one of the few places where you will find authentic kaju barfi but it is really expensive. Ganguram is one of the few that actually sells kaju barfi made with kaju and doesn't fool customers. Yes, you can't compare the barfis with haldiram but given the price they offer, it's a good deal. I would have given a perfect 5 rating as their sweets are always delivered fresh but the only reason for not giving it is because of the person at ganguram who spoke to me very rudely when he could have handled it in a way more polite way. We ordered abar khabo from ganguram and while the delivery was on time, they stacked it one upon another. Obviously when it arrived the sweet looked hideous. Plus it comes in individual plastic square box so by stacking it one upon another means you are contaminating the food. Also, the fact that the customer ordered more than Rs 200 and you can't even spare a big box where the sweets actually fit, shows how much you care for customers. It was delivered by swiggy so I asked the customer executive to call the place and atleast replace it. The ganguram guy spoke in such a way as if he has done some huge favour and said in a rude tone that they can't do anything and if I don't want it then I can throw it. If that particular guy is reading, then you sir, are a moron and needs to learn how to speak to your customers. While the sweets never fails to amaze me but the behaviour really disappointed me.


Rated 3.0 by Santanu Khan

Located in opposite of krishna bhog in kestopur area near kalamandir. Gulab Jamun here is simply mouth watering, must have! I just love their mishti doi ,radha vallabhi is also something one should try out.


Rated 2.5 by Mohit Kejriwal

Well, a superb experience at their Keshtopur AB 65 branch urged me to visit their Keshtopur BD 62 branch also, for a similar (or even a better experience). However, to my utter dismay, the experience was completely the opposite! For reaching this one, you need to walk quite some distance from the Keshtopur more! Size of the place is pretty small – but what really turns you off is the bees humming over the sweet meats – a view, which literally kills your appetite! To add insult to injury, hygiene grades are pretty low and you might repent your visit! A decent variety of goodies are on offer – and I had the below items parcelled:- (i) Mini Samosa – worst ever – the masala stuffing amidst really burnt our throats (ii) Rasmalai – indeed their signature item – moderately cold liquid, soft rosogolla topped with pista (iii) Kaju barfi – Fine, nothing great (iv) Choco chips chocolate Sandesh – again, their USP item, which never fails to impress (v) A couple of Sandesh more were ordered (don’t know the names), but were just overly sweet, hence destroying the taste! Service is fine, as usual and prices somewhat high – management should look into maintaining the quantum of sugar in their sweet meats! Also, please work on the hygiene factor!


Rated 3.0 by Arindam Nandi

Sweet Curd or Mishti Doi is nice here with other sweet delights of Ganguram. This outlet of Ganguram is very near to Kalamandir of Rabindra Pally. I had radhaballbi also fewer times from this place and it was nice.