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Galang Gabaan Reviews and Ratings - New Alipore, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Pawan Jaiswal/The Food Crave

Well! Well! Well!  You  cant  always say that good food is only available at luxurious restaurants, legendary places or renowned outlets. To prove this wrong to yourself you have to do something very simple and ordinary. Just open the Zomato app and order from Galang Gaban.  As i mentioned above about restros and places but Galang Gaban is something different from them as they serve from home (Its Home Cooked Food). And to witness the magic itself you need to order them prior to 24 hours so that you can get what you desired for. This is how my experience with them went by. Myself and my Couple of friends decided to check out this place and the day and time was set.  To be mention the order was received in time and it was superbly packed, simply flawless with this What was on the order list : (Starter) Chicken Lollipop - Chicken lollipop is one of the popular chicken starters that is most ordered in restaurant. So how could we miss out of that. Personally speaking it was simply awesome with the marination and taste. It reminds me of our childhood when we use to suck lollipops. Fish Pepper Salt - This was one of a kind. Each and every bite with my closed eye giving me a feeling that i am eating at some restaurant. Again the marination was good with the amount of spices doing justice to the dry gravy. Pretty impressed with the kind of raw materials they are using. Chicken Shwarma - Alright so this was i don't need to talk about. Filled with onion, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and handful of mayo in it. Oops Filled with chicken too. :-p (Main Course) Chicken Bharta - First of all i would like to mention the presentation that it was very eye catchy. Secondly the bharta was a tongue soother. Mixed extremely well with the spices but somewhere didnt gave me that very taste i was looking for.  overall it was decent. Chicken Butter Masala - One of India's most popular and loved Indian dish. We usually see chicken butter masala in various colors but this came in saffron. The smell from far was speaking the story of it. Chicken was soft and gravy was thick. Corn and soyabean Rice - I was expecting the rice to be more joyful than it was. It didn't lived up to the expectation but still it was going well with the butter masala and tasted just like eating a biryani. Masala Kulcha - Shape and size was upto the mark and equally well done with the taste. Fillings were done brilliantly and was breaking with two fingers. (Dessert) Monte Carlo - Dont get confused with the name as its a dessert which is made up of Milk Cream, Hazelnut and chocolate. decorated with mango pieces over the dessert and also the mango had a huge role to play in twisting the taste. The flavor of milk cream chocolate with mango was so divine. Loved it. Basically we don't trust home cooks and home made food but if you trust me they are good and their food will surely give u a feeling of a restaurant. Don't trust my words give it a try urself.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Sparsh Jain

Galang Gaban provides home delivery. We ordered food for a small get-together, and were very impressed by the way they packed the food. The packaging was efficient, and the delivery time was also less. We ordered the following: Chicken Lollipop- The lollipop was juicy and fresh. It tasted perfect. Fried Pepper Fish- We had it as starters. The pieces were too tender and delicious. We couldn’t have enough of it! Chicken Butter Masala- My favourite side dish, hands-down! The pieces were tender and the gravy was finger-lickin’ good! The quantity was impressive. Masala Kulcha- The bread was soft and fresh. The size was satisfactory. Veg pulao- It was one of the best I’ve had. Perfect biryani flavor, aromatic and breathtaking quantity! Simply foodgasmic! Monte Carlo- Saving it for the last was perhaps the wisest decision. This dessert blew our minds the instant it melted on our taste buds. We spent a while savoring every part of the lip-smacking mango flavored cake that tastes a lot like soufflé. The mango pieces decorating the top added to the treat. Layers of biscuit, cream and mangoes to finish the perfect lunch with your closest buddies!


Rated 4.0 by Subhannita Guha

I was on the lookout for some new delivery restaurants when this place appeared on Zomato. Overall rating was decent so I thought of giving it a try! This is a completely home cooked food delivery service so you need to place your order the previous day which might be an issue sometimes but given the quality and quantity of stuff they provide, you wouldn't regret ordering from this place. And delivery was right on time along with good packaging. Ordered: • Fish Pepper Salt - I think, they took the name too seriously. Excessively salty. Badly needs to be improved. • Masala Kulcha - Soft and had a real nice filling. Went well with the side. • Dal Makhani - Creamy consistency.. just the right one. I'm always in favour for Dal Makhanis. • Rice - This was way beyond my expectation. It was like a veg biryani. Very different ingredients > american corn, broccoli​ and cauliflower.. none of which I thought could go well with the item but I loved it to the core. My pick of the day! • Shawarma - Had a bite or two from one of the friends and liked it enough. Really good experience for a first-timer. Looking forward to ordering more stuff from here again!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Rik Bhatta

Home cook/ home delivery restaurants are swiftly finding their ways amongst the palate of city dwellers and one such fine place which i would recommend is galang gaban. This place needs a prior mention of your order, 24 hours to be precise and we aren't complaining about that, all thanks to the quality and quantity which they offer. If you love indian food, and do not want to compromise on the quantity not to forget the quality, the chicken bharta, chicken butter masala, dal makhani, veg polau and masala kulcha are some of the dishes which you should definitely try if you are ordering from this place. The kulchas were soft and puffy, the polau was delicious, apt in quantity and uncompromised in taste. The chicken butter masala was not too overly rich and oily, just the way i prefer, the chicken was tender too. The bharta was a tad bit oily i felt, though it made up for the taste. We had ordered a few Chinese items too, namely the fish pepper salt which deserves a special mention, the fish was soft, gave out a delicious odour and the veggies which complimented the fish made the whole dish the winner amongst all the dishes that we had ordered. The chicken lollypop did not disappoint us either, wholesome chicken pieces prepared with perfection. The packaging was clean and the delivery was on time which was proof enough of their competence. After my first experience with this place, i would definitely recommend it to everyone.


Rated 5.0 by Debalina Mukherjee

Galang Gaban is a home delivery outlet in Bhawanipore which offers a variety of dishes and different desserts, which also, the unique name suggests. I went to a friend's place and we decided to order from this outlet. We ordered Fish pepper salt and chicken lollipop for starters. The fish pepper salt was very well cooked with soft and juicy fish pieces mixed well with different spices and served with greens. The chicken lollipop is everyone's favourite starter and we are happy to have ordered it. It was crisp and juicy and the size of the leg pieces were quite big. For the main course, we ordered Masala Kulcha, Dal makhani, chicken bharta and chicken butter masala. The Kulcha was quite filling with a perfect blend of Indian spices and aloo stuffings. Dal makhani is the famous North Indian dish which was more or less the same without any experimentation being made. Chicken bharta has thick boneless chicken pieces with a thick curry which will get you addicted to it. Chicken butter Masala is my personal favourite and I cannot have Kulcha or naan without it- it has the right ratio of butter and Indian spices in the curry. It was the first time we ordered from this outlet and our experience was really good. They took the minimum time to deliver the order and didn't keep us waiting in hunger. The packaging shows that they have been very careful in keeping good hygiene. The price is also very reasonable and I would definitely suggest all those staying near this outlet to order from here.