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Fusion Fantasea

Anil Roy Road, Keyatala
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Fusion Fantasea Reviews and Ratings - Keyatala, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Madhurima Sarkar

Tasty and unique food.beautiful decoration. Lovely atmosphere. Prices are also reasonable. One should go nd try the food of this place. Friendly behaviour of staffs.


Rated 5.0 by Uddalak Dasgupta

Even barely a ten years back Bengali people were a little conservative about foods.It was not that,they would only stick to their regional cuisines,but it was also a fact,appreciation was limited towards some Chinese and a handful of Western dishes. But of late what we've witnessed is not less than a revolutionary transmutation of the scenario. Thanks to internet,our city has been introduced to a vast range of edibles compassing from International foods to the culinary treasures from various corners of India.As a result multiple eateries offering diversely versatile dishes are minting money. Fusion Fantasea is a new generation themed restaurant on the Southern Avenue that serves some highly uncommon dishes of Himalayan and coastal regions of the Country. Their food was both innovative and dynamic.The bamboo Biryani asks for a special mention.The Haandi kebab was also mouth watering.But the most significant part is how aptly they kneaded the décor with their menu.A restaurant having three floors has been designed to perfection and each of the storey tells a new story.Walls and floors are illustrated keeping a close nexus with the diversity that our Country is a symbol of. It's really worth taking a plunge into the Fusion Fantasea.


Rated 3.0 by Subhadeep Guha

Ambience: 3.5* Food: 3* Staff: 4* Service: 3* Liked: * Ambience was good. Well decorated and maintained. * Staff greeted us well * Presentation of food * Various Flavors of Hookah Improvement: * Should have more choices for vegetarian dishes(hardly 6 or 7, including the bread and rice choices) * Courteous Staff but a little more sophistication would help * Both the drinks we ordered had tooooo much salt and sugar in it - Kokum Sea Beach and Lychee Lemongrass. The Lemongrass drink had to be diluted with 1:2 water and it was still extremely sweet. * Presentation of the drink: Ingredients of the drink like pieces of lemon, pieces of lychee, lemongrass, etc. were all left in the glass. Maybe it was done to give the drinks a "rustic" look or something but for me it was very unappealing. * Food Quality was at most, average. It was more to do with the presentation over taste, in my opinion


Rated 5.0 by Susmita Neogi

Fusion Fantasea! Lunch with Captain Jack Sparrow( Fangirl 😍😍) I believe in celebrating each and every success. (Small and big both) ;) And I always have an urge to experiment with foods! So, this is the place which have everything I needed for today! Lovely themed restaurant with superb foods! The waiting place has an underwater theme. First floor is of tribal type. Second floor (my fav) pirate one...(Trust me, I was having my lunch with Captain Jack ;) ). Third floor is sea themed ( I didn't visit that one, so no picture sowie) Now coming to the foods! Menu was decided from before so didn't need to open the menu card 😂 I wanted to have everything new! So here is the list! 1) Rustam kabab. God. What a tasty kabab( not better than Galawti kabab though). It is basically a layered of special chicken kabab having mutton in it with almond on top. 2) Bamboo biriyani( chicken). I was waiting for this one actually. Check out the video for more. Very light. Not at all rich. It had 4 chicken pieces.Quantity is just too much. 3) Arabi gosht mutton. Again a very hatke dish. Must check out the video. It looked very attractive when the cover was burning. And taste of the food is little bit rich. But must try it. 4) kokum Sea beach. I was searching for this fruit. From a very long time.( For making a dish though :( ) I have it here. Not in a whole. But as a juice. With ice and mint. It was tasty. All over, today I had one of the most satisfying foodhauls of my life.


Rated 4.0 by Madhumanti Chaudhuri

We ordered bamboo biriyani, lava gosht mutton, chilli milli squid and butter chilly fry fish.. overall it was good.. however the lava gosht was a bit too rich for my taste.. the decor and the service was pretty good.. for me it is worth visiting once or twice only as it does not provide a lot of options...



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