Sarat Bose Road, Kalighat South East
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Fuji Reviews and Ratings - Kalighat South East, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Farha Kazi

The best place to have Japanese cuisine in Kolkata! Ambience - They have a private dining room so I reserved a table there. The ambience is so peaceful and beautiful. Food Ordered: 1. Shake Maki (Salmon Roll) - Delicious! 2. Chicken Tempura - crispy and juicy. The chicken should have been a little tender but instead it was a bit chewy. So a slight disappointment in this. 3. Tori (Chicken) Teriyaki - delicious. Must try! 4. Chicken Miso Ramen - nice and warm. Tasted average! 5. Tori Yakimeshi (fried rice) - absolutely delicious! Drinks Ordered: 1. Long Island Ice Tea - I ordered two of these. My only complaint was that the quantity was inconsistent. The first one was lesser in quantity than the second one. 2. Cosmopolitan 3. Beer Overall, a great place to hangout!


Rated 4.0 by Medha B Dey Roy

If you are craving for some good Japanese food in Kolkata, you can try this restaurant. It is decently priced. I would request you to go for the Non-Veg Maki platter and a plate of Chicken Gyoza. These two dishes are delish. However, the Mumbai Maki roll is my personal all time favorite. I hope to visit this place soon to try out their Sashimi and Tempura.


Rated 1.0 by Neha Mallya Jhunjhunwala

The salmon was stale


Rated 4.0 by Omnivore

Was invited for dinner last evening to Fuji by friends. They did the ordering while the rest chatted, so the Japanese hard-to-remember names of the delectable dishes escape me - a lovely salad enhanced with seaweed, a pork item, fish and separately noodles. I won't try to identify them from the online menu - can't match accurately. The ambience was a bit of transplanted Japan with a couple of kimona clad waitresses. All the staff were helpful and prompt. No point cribbing about prices, when the ingredients are so exotic -the sauces, the piquant seaweed, the buckwheat noodles. Though the beverage prices hurt. All in all a 4.


Rated 5.0 by Piyali D

i totally loved their pork ramen(tonkotsu ramen) and gyoza. have visited them 5 times and wanna keep going. they have actually got me addicted to japanese food now.