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South Dum Dum
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Foodpath Reviews and Ratings - South Dum Dum, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Srinanda Majumder

One of the very few 'themed' restaurants if I may say, in this area. Ambience- love the way the place is done which makes you feel you're actually sitting on a road side footpath having your food! Full points for thinking of this idea and the word play on the name of the restaurant. Order- I didn't actually plan my visit. Was out with my mom for some work in that area but the quirky look of the place attracted me, so just casually went in to try! Ordered the chicken wings and cafe valentino Food- the chicken wings were quite spicy but one of the better ones I've had in terms of taste. Cafe Valentino was actually a surprise. It had a lovely flavour of both chocolate and coffee and I really liked it! Pocket pinch- around 275-300 Overall- I would definitely like to visit again to have a proper meal!


Rated 1.0 by Debayan Mondal

what is that?


Rated 5.0 by Anuradha Pandit

Great food at a budget price. Nice cosy ambience. Good for a get together with friends. Fish and chips is a must try. Chelo kabab is also good

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Atreyee Choudhury

Despite trying there outlet on Sinthi more, I thought of giving this place a try aftee looking it up on Zomato. It definitely has more space and a lot of options on the menu than the former. But unfortunately it has similar conditions like the one on Sinthi more. The ACs were not working except one, a lot of the dishes on the menu were not available. Nevertheless, the lady who managed the place was quite helpful and we finally ordered our food. For food we ordered a cappuccino, keema pao and classic bbq melt sandwiches. Both the sandwiches tasted really good. The cappuccino also was good. Another interesting thing which they had was make your own pasta, under which you get to choose the type of pasta sauces and toppings. The pasta though according to the price was a bit of a downer. But overall good experience.


Rated 1.0 by Sanjana Biswas

I went to Foodpath a couple of times previously so I thought to have my lunch with family during one of the puja days. It was Navami afternoon this year. We went there and ordered lasagne, Kolkata fish and chips, keema chawal, etc. Most of the chicken dishes were unavailable as it was yet not prepared even in the puja rush. Oh and it took a hell of a time to finally get served by them. The service is so slow. The food was quite tasty. But hold on second when we were about finish the lasagne I saw that they baked a COCKROACH in that. Can you imagine? Cockroach in your food! We showed it. They were apologetical and ofcourse not intentional but it doesn't matter right when you see a cockroach served in your food. We then could not eat the rest of the food. 2 plates of keema chawal, Kolkata fish and chips all these got wasted because we really couldn't eat from such an unhygienic kitchen. My little brother literally went to bathroom and vomited after seeing that cockroach in his food. After all these guess what? We payed the bills and went away. There is no negative marking possible or else would have given that. And there are lots of flies you always have to use your hands to keep them away from your food which is kind of nasty.