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BT Road, Baranagar
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FoodPath Reviews and Ratings - Baranagar, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Sumrita Bhattacharjee

* In Frame * 1- Chelo kebab platter -------> The kebabs were cold and wasn't soft/juicy. The butter rice waa okayish. Disappointed. 2- Butter chicken with lemon rice ------> Loved it. The chicken tasted really good. The meat was soft and smelled lip smacking. Recommend.


Rated 4.0 by Samyadeep Datta

A cozy little joint situated near busy BT road signal at sinthi more. I heard good things about it from my friend and we decided to give it a visit. First coming to infrastructure 1. The ambience was neat 2. Service was quick 3. The single guy tending all four tables had equal attention to all and was responding to all efficiently Now coming on to the menu 1. We had green pepper fish sautéed with veggies which was really tasty. The quantity was enough for two people and the taste and texture of fried fishes was really good. 2. Next we had tangy arabbiatta eith sausage,which was actually a really hot and spicy pasta served with tomato sauce. It was not awesome but not bad as well 3. We had a kit kat chocolate which was passable and strawberry milkshake which was better actually. 4. All of these were well worth of their respective price tags So you should definitely give this place a visit it you dont wanna go too far, looking for pocket friendly delicacies and wanna have a fun gastronomical experience


Rated 5.0 by Poushali Dutta

My all time favourite go to cafe whenever I crave for tasty continental food.....the ambiance and stuff are spot on 👌 Their sandwiches, Mac and cheese pasta and lasagna is to just die for By the way it's the only place in the area where they serve chelo kabeb and that too at a reasonable price... Do visit this place


Rated 4.0 by Suparna Ghosh Chaudhuri

I ordered chicken wrap . Food was tasty. Loved the French fries. I liked the packaging. But price is a bit higher than necessary. Overall it's good. But disappointed with the delivery by zomato. Delivery person refused to deliver it at my place. Please make sure delivery person is capable enough to climb stairs.


Rated 3.0 by The Kitchen Love Story

We went to this place to try out their Chicken Shawarma Wrap which they introduced recently. It's nothing like a Shawarma which anyone can expect. Not good at all. Don't try. 😂 Apart from that we ordered Grilled Chicken Bhoona Sandwich, served with French Fries, tasted amazing. And Mango Mastani drink, which was okayish. Just ordinary mango drink. Hoping for some better dishes next time we visit.