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Food Station Reviews and Ratings - Central Avenue, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Nitish Datta

Situated opposite to the second gate of Medical College(MCK), beside Hindusthan Dhaba, Food Station is a nice place to relax in a calm,soothing ambience accomplished accompanied by quite delicious food.The service is good, waiters prompt but yes the dishes do take some time to be prepared.It boasts of an interesting decor, comprised of cartoonish displays of some of Kolkata's most famous things, including Mother Teresa,Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR) etc and the menu is in the form of a notebook. Now coming to the food - #STARTERS : 1)Chicken Spring Roll - I loved this dish ! 6 big crispy rolls full of spicy chicken,blended in a finger-licking masala.Served along with tomato sauce.The quantity was also very good.Recommended ! (5/5) 2)Chicken Momo(fried) - 5 fried momos,served with a bowl of soupy preparation & a dip, it was also very filling.Properly cooked but somehow I didn't like the stuffing too much, may be the masala was a bit too much..(3.5/5) 3)Chicken Momo(steamed) - Similar to the previous preparation. It was decent to taste & very filling as well. (4/5) #MAIN COURSE 4)Chicken Fried Rice - Was almost perfectly made as it should be.Tasty with apt amount of chicken pieces. Good enough to serve two people.(5/5) 5)Chicken Hakka Noodles - Another decent item though the chicken pieces was a bit weird to taste and quantity good for just 1 person.Overall,it tasted good.(4/5) #DESSERTS 6)Tutti-Fruity IceCream - This looked really good and was pretty good to taste,with quantity being nice but still I found it a bit overpriced.(4/5) All in all,it's a good place for a visit in may be once in 2-3 months. The calm environment,dim lighting with pretty good food is worthy of a try.


Rated 1.0 by Soumaditya Banerjee

very costly


Rated 4.0 by Sayak Saha

This is one of the oldest food corner in college st. area with a quite good ambience. The items are good but slightly overpriced. In picture : Mexican Combo Meal (mexican spicy rice, chicken with refried bins, salsa dip & nachos)


Rated 4.0 by Tumpa Maitra

Today my uncle came to our place and he is very fond of steamed momos..I ordered Steamed Chicken Momos for him..packaging was good..momos were just from the steamer..soup n momos were piping hot..momos were quite big in size n soft..but the filling was little uncle liked d momos n soup..though he didn't add the sauce they had given..later I tasted the tastes like hot n sweet sauce with some seeds of chillies..location wise this joint is diagonally opposite to my work place..I often take away food from here..We immensely liked their Chicken Hakka Chow mein and Kung Pao mom is fond of their steamed momos..also had Grilled Sandwiches and Combo meals..never had Dhaniya Dosa..will try in College Street a cool place for hangout..


Rated 3.0 by Abantika_abs

Ambiance was nice. We have tried Mexican combo, indian combo and also Chinese. The fish starter was significantly tasty. The combos are really reasonable . Overall very nice experience.