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Eden Pavilion - ITC Sonar Reviews and Ratings - Dhapa, Kolkata

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Vasundhara Ganguly

Well well.. how much can you badmouth when it comes to a five-star.. Ahhhh honestly I felt that the saturday bouffet was an absolute waste of money. Food options were very limited. Chicken biryani was dry... Moreover who offers chicken biryani and not mutton biryani in bouffet?? There was no mutton side dish, chicken noodles were very basic. Worst part is that they did not have any complementary drink. Now I would give it some grace marks for the mutton shangs, they were succulent and just falling from the bone. Desserts were wide spread and the mango pudding was gr8. Sometimes I felt the dire need of forks and spoons though. Anyway if you are just after the brand then go drain out your money for nothing atall. Not a place for a foodie.


Rated 4.0 by Subhankar Mitra

Brilliant food and quiet a nice ambience. The staff needed to be a bit more professional being part of this 5 star hotel. Over all a good experience.


Rated 5.0 by Arkaprava Paul

The food is very Good . I loved the pork a lot. The quality of the food is very good. The cold cuts section is impressive too. The desserts, pizzas , pastas , each and every item was very good. The most important part of a dining experience is the service. And I ensure you that their service is very very enjoyable. They even got my friend medicines who was allergic to prawn. Kuddos 👍to Eden Pavilion


Rated 4.0 by Jayeeta Roy

So it was my second visit to this place. For the very first time I tried their lunch buffet. And this time went to try their dinner buffet. The buffet ranges Indian Italian Chinese and what not. It was a really good experience. But it's practically not possible to consume all of them at once. I tried the Indian menus last night. P.s : they have a good variety of desserts. Must visit :D


Rated 2.0 by Sinchan Mukhopadhyay

ITC - A brand well known to all. Went for dinner with family. Everything started excellent. At first Supeshwar ( if I remember it correctly ) and then later Souvik was looking after us. The service sequence was prompt. However if all dishes arrive at the sams time, the dining experience would be much better and I suppose dinner ordered course wise. Food taste - top class, service - top class. However what spoilt my dining experience was an incident which shouldn't have happened. Two of the team members ( not sure who ) were talking in bengali amongst themselves and used abusive language to each other ( probably in a friendly way ) which was heard by my entire family as they were so loud. I had written the same in the feedback form. It was very much unexpected and very digusting. One more thing - two pieces of macarons were lying near the exit to the kitchen during the entire time I stayed. I was expecting that someone would be very prompt in cleaning it. Almost each of the staff, including people in suits, chefs saw or ignored it. I have posted a picture for the reference. Something which is a rare scene from such a brand. Hope you can rectify such avoidable situations.