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Deli - The Gateway Hotel

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Rashbehari Avenue
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Deli - The Gateway Hotel Reviews and Ratings - Rashbehari Avenue,


Rated 5.0 by Debjani Chatterjee Alam

80 bucks for a big fat Kosha Mangsho Puff or 75 bucks for a sourdough bread and 75 bucks for two muffins! Well, I was not expecting this from a Five-star's pastry shop.A few months back The Gateway Hotel in Kolkata has come up with a Pastry shop, Deli Pastry Shop as they call it. I was aware of the opening and knowing that the place is nearby mine and I cross every day while going to the office, I chose to ignore it! After all, I already have preferred places for purchasing the baked and non-baked goodies. Both Five stars and both offer a great deal at a particular time every day so that one can purchase Goodies from a Five star paying much lower.


Rated 3.0 by Sayantani Sarkar

Visited one sunday evening after hearing a lot about this place.Ordered a red velvet cake and s chocolate cake.The ambience is nice,the staff are friendly,the place is calm and quiet.There was a nice red bright burning candle on our table which made the ambience romantic.But coming to the food I had higher expectation.The red velvet cake was sticky,stiff,did not have the bright red usual colour,was maroon in colour seeing which I was astonished.I was hard and did not taste that good.The chocolate cake was better in taste and consistency but not really matched the expectation.Little bit let down but will go again so for a second chance.Nevertheless we spent a lovely evening and can be visited once for the experience



Simply awesome food. I love the bakery section here. Be it birthday cake or some delicious snacks I order from here. Today I had egg chop, chocolate donut and chocolate chip cupcakes.


Rated 4.0 by Rohit Roy Chowdhury ★

Yesterday I was craving for some pastries then I found Deli, I ordered online 4 types of Pastries which includes Red Velvet, chocolate, Pineapple and White Forest. Among those Red velvet and chocolate was mind blowing. Frosting was very good. I must say in 95/- Rs its had very good portion size. I will try their other items soon.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by MitRav

Finally, after a long, long time we have zeroed in on perhaps the perfect place for our quick bites in the city. Our maiden visit to this place forced us to drop our jaws on their floor and leave our hearts inside their desserts! This luxurious bakery unit is on the ground floor inside The Gateway Hotel which is a part of the Taj group. We were warmly greeted with a 'namaste' by two people just outside the bakery who took our phones and bags and returned them promptly after passing the bags through a baggage scanner. The area inside, adjoining the bakery display unit is amazingly beautiful with sky high ceilings, large glass windows, comfy sofas, bright cushions, nice fragrance and very soft Indian classical music. Loved the macaroon tree idea (see attached photo)! It also has an outdoor seating which we had to avoid because of the heat. We went up to the counter and looked around before placing our orders. We wanted to order too many things from the very interesting items available but knew that it would become quite difficult to finish everything off, so had to settle with a chocolate hazelnut mousse, a mochar patty and an almond biscotti. The items arrived in a few minutes. The servers were very friendly and warm. Coming to the food, The mochar patty was enormous and was generously stuffed with a spiced mocha and potato filling. It was super fresh, the layers were crisp. We could eat it even for dinner! The biscotti was densely populated with chopped nuts, it was perfectly baked and quite filling. The hazelnut mousse stole the show with it's satiny texture, just the right amount of sweetness and the bits of dark chocolate pieces. Totally delish! They also have amazing birthday cakes at INR 600- 800, giant bread loaves, macaroons, donuts, cookies and croissants. Get a glass jar filled with macaroons at INR 350 or premium tea tins at INR 400. Planning to try more items on the second visit. Overall, this place is truly a hidden gem for us and it would always be a favorite. Pocket pinch- Chocolate hazelnut mousse- INR 95 Mocha patty- INR 60 Almond biscotti- INR 30 Taxes- INR 32 Total- INR 218