Cookie Man

South City Mall, Jodhpur Park
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Cookie Man Reviews and Ratings - Jodhpur Park, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Jayeeta Kundu

Most of the time i visited this place. this place was just front of the starmark. In small area they are represnt temslves. now come to the food we ordered coffee and they gave 2 cookies with 1 cup of coffee.. Cookies are just amazing in taste. It was nice place for chit chat with friends. i enjoyed this place very much.


Rated 3.0 by Nandini Poddar

Today evening I went here. It’s inside the South city mall. I have been a cookie man lover since my college days. Always love the food here. Especially the brownie. Nothing much to describe about cookie man. A sweet tooth’s paradise it is. But today something happened which I didn’t like... as to today was Sunday it was fully crowded. However as a cookie man fan I waited for around 20 minutes to grab a table for me and for my friend. We placed order. I ordered coffee shake and French fries and my friend ordered the cake. Everything was ok suddenly one lady came and without even asking us she started eating on our table. And some food particles from her plate fell on my French fries. We informed this to a staff. He said “ aj Sunday hain kya kar sakte hai” ... Bravo to the staff. Hats off to his ignorance. We just paid the bill and went out. Bravo!!! My love for cookie man will not stop here. However I would request to the authority please do check on your staffs... don’t make your customers feel unhappy and helpless the way I felt today...


Rated 5.0 by Ayesha

Cookieman has been my favourite cookie place even before it opened in Kolkata. Some of their cookies like the Brandy Snap are timeless classics. Today I decided to try their fudgy cookies , *" Chunky Chocochip Cookie" * " Fudgy Brownie Cookie with Milk Chocolate" Both the cookies were ooeygooey and mushy on the inside with chocolate oozing out from the cracked and over heated crevaces. The staff heated both the cookies on request. Both of them were moist and chocolatey. I devoured the cookies and was very very satisfied. Will definitely remain one of their happy customers and keep visiting them for more time and again.


Rated 4.0 by Medhashree Ghosh

Me and my friends ordered for 3 lattes which came with 2 complimentary cookies each. The cookies of cookie man are really nice and luring. The price is reasonable which makes it affordable for a lot of customers. Overall satisfied.


Rated 2.0 by Neeladri Debnath

Ordered chocolate thick shake,one coke and one cappuccino. Chocolate shake was good. The coke wasn't cold as it is supposed to be. The cappuccino wasn't good and also it was served in a low quality paper cup which isn't expected from such a quality food outlet at south city mall. If they continue serving in paper cups my suggestion is at least the cups should be of proper quality and should bear the brand name like in starbucks.