Southern Avenue, Lake Garden
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Cloakroom Reviews and Ratings - Lake Garden, Kolkata


Rated 2.0 by Ritobina Chakraborty

Not at all satisfactory. The place with its very small unimpressive interior and unimpressive over priced menu is a big no no. The only good thing was the service. People were friendly and food was served quickly.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Chandni Chakraborty

A cute little place decorated with some piece of painting, wall hanging and framed pictures. A good place to visit with friends with enough sitting capacity and cozy ambience. Penning down this review after two visits. I felt little disappointed with this place because both the times I visited, all the items from their menu were not available. We had to choose from very few options, like only 2-3 main course were available. This is the only drawback they have and a major one. I tried their Country Fried Chicken, Grilled chicken in mushroom sauce with herb rice in first visit and Grilled Bhetki in harissa sauce in second visit. All the things which I tried were palatable to my taste buds and I really enjoyed my meal however I look forward to taste something else too from their menu. Best of luck Team Cloakroom !


Rated 2.0 by Somdutta Chakraborty

Not an impressive place at all. Food was mediocre. And the host was very cold too. Was really looking forward to visiting this place. But thoroughly dissatisfied.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Anuvab Biswas

Located in one of the by lanes near Vivekananda Park,the first floor of an house has been revamped into a restaurant with colourful interiors and impressive decor. It was a weekday when we'd visited and we occupied one of the empty tables on the ground floor while a group was seated in the upper deck. We ordered the Grilled Bhetki with lemon cream and mash and veggies, two Grilled  Chicken in Paprika sauce with mash and veggies. Given the low occupancy during weekday noon,we'd expected our dishes to come out in good time. But it wasn't so. They took about 45 minutes just to get 3 dishes out... One thing is certain-that they take pride in ensuring aesthetic appeal in their food and nothing can be better than having your food taste good as well! Only felt that the portion of Chicken was rather small. Dining at Cloakroom was a good experience,but withholding food for such a long time was a let down.


Rated 5.0 by Oindrila Ghosh

One of the yummiest continental junction. I went there on saptami with my friend.Very attractive decor. The hosts were the cook and the table attender, actually elder sister and her brother. They were very polite and humble. We ordered cold coffee, chilli cheese chicken nuggets, baked chicken pasta in white sauce, baked chicken mushroom in white sauce with garlic toast... The girl is a wonderful cook. The food was delicious, more than awesome, highly recommended.