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Chowman Reviews and Ratings - South East Jadabpur, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Shrayasi Bhowal

Nice place for authentic chinese cuisine. We got our food delivered at our place via zomato. We ordered chicken oak tossed noodles, hunan prawn, kung pao chicken( both dried and with gravy). Noodle was tasty, though it was not much different from those street side oak tossed noodles, still it had ample amount of chicken and egg in it. Kung pao chicken was very tasty and had a particular sweet-sour taste, the gravy of hunan prawn was kind of bland, it could have been a bit more seasoned. They also serve red chilli sauce along with the dishes. But overall the food deserve to be fingerlicked.


Rated 3.0 by Vikram Rudra

So ordered food from Different Chowman Outlets alot of times and with alot of hopes and expectations for good Chinese Food But Chowman failed to impress most of the time .. This time we ordered Meinfoon And Squids , Squids Could Have been Fried a little more for the perfect cooked Squid and the sauce was gud though ( Chilli Oyster Sauce ) , Singapore Meinfoon had no taste what so ever , it was just like normal Meinfoon with Yellow Colour , it was really disappointing , Mixed Meinfoon was Mushy but amount of meat and prawn was satisfactory , looking for better food again from Chowman the next time... Like always..


Rated 1.0 by Asis Basu

Very bad quality and quantity of food. Never had such bad food. Taste of food was worse. In future I will not give any order in your restaurant.


Rated 4.0 by Dr.Aritri Lahiri

Swiggy was taking 60mins to deliver so moving to their home delivery was better option as I had a function at home. Food was delivered within 45mins We had order 2 mixed fried rice. The amount was enough for 4 people and it had plenty plenty of chicken as well as juicy prawns. 2plates Hakka noodles. Chicken items were shredded chicken which was tasty. Manchurian chiken which was okaish and I really liked the ginger chicken Best part the guests liked the food and hence we r happy


Rated 1.0 by Chiranjib Sinha

Food was really good, but what is the problem with the service? Service staff was bothering like anything. It's not fine dinning place with your family or friends as they hurry you to finish your dish and leave the table. They will stand in front of you if you take little more time finishing your starter. Really funny.