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Chowman Reviews and Ratings - Ballygunge, Kolkata

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Kaustav Talapatra

Been there for the first time.. it was a well decorated tiny restaurant.. ambience and illumination were very soothing.. ordered chicken sweet corn soup and it was good then ordered sweet and spicy crispy chicken.. the dish was so sweet that it became monotonous and a little bit much crisper would have been better.. in main course ordered pan fried mixed gravy noodles, mixed Cantonese noodles, mixed Hakka noodles and in side dish ordered chowman special chicken.. both the gravy noodles were good but Hakka noodle was pretty average.. and the side dish was good.. side dish was nothing but chicken with vegetables (white gravy).. and in dessert ordered brownie with ice cream, that was good.. staffs were cordial and helpful..


Rated 2.0 by Aakash Saraf

The food was delivered late.. And zomato didn't provide contact no. of the delivery person due to which we couldn't even contact the deliver executive.


Rated 4.0 by Sanjukta Samadder

A very famous place to fulfill the desire of having both chinese and thai food. Visited the Ballygunge Outlet for the first time previously i went to the Behala Outlet which was quite impressive So we ordered *Starters* Konjee Crispy Lamb- Which tasted good but i expectd the lamb to be a little less fried it was a bit hard to chew Doubled cooked crispy chilli fish- This was just *WOW* Super delicious❤❤ Perfect quality of fish cooked perfectly 👌👌 *Main course* Mixed Hakka Noodles- Well prepared with perfect combination of vegetables and non-veg Chowman Special Noodles- It was a little bit spicy but was really tasty Crab Meat Rice- It was lightly prepared but it contained more of egg and less of crab meat so they should try to look into this General Tao's Chicken- This was medium spicy and not tasted like the same old chilli chicken...well prepared👌👌 Fresh Lime soda- Perfecto *Dessert* Vanilla icecream with Chocolate sauce-Too much of chocolate sauce made me fall with this dessert❤❤ Recommended👌👌


Rated 3.0 by Aviray2008

pathetic delivery experience...... ordered at 8.15 received at 10.15...assured delivery time as per zomato was 9.16

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Ayan Bhattacharya

I was really surprised during my first and only visit to chowman after all the hype and reviews that I had received for this place. The ambience is great and nothing to complain about but the food is the topic of the mixed review. The starters are great but the crab meat rice we were served did not have any visible crab meat or even any flavour in it. When we called for the manager about the dish, his justification was that the meat melts in the rice so beautifully that it is no longer visible. We sent the rice back after such hysterical justification from the manager and the new one which was sent to us had visible crab meat in it. Definitely not something one expects from such a reputed place.