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Chhappan Bhog

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Shakespeare Sarani, Park Street Area
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Chhappan Bhog Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Swagata Pal

I was delighted to find out that Kolkata had an outlet.... But I was disappointed when they said no such Rajasthani sweets are available :( I bought Shoanpapri and chhanar cake ! The chhanar cake was too good and Shoanpapri tasted really good.... It's melts in the mouth , it doesn't break and the packaging is top notch.... I am definitely going here again


Rated 3.0 by Abhinav Singh

This is a Small outlet located at Theatre Road. I tasted their cream roll, pista barging and some sort of rasogolla (forgot the name). There were not much varieties.Sweets seemed decent though price appears to be on the higher side. They can add more varieties to attract more customer.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Badhan Sarkar

HAPPY HOLI FRIENDS.... ❤ Today I am here with another review of an outstanding sweet and savory outlet that can make your Holi more colourful and memorable. Chappan Bhog are here to greet you with their outstanding sweets which is a must have for this festival of colours. Located at Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata this outlet is here with Special Holi Sweets. Alok Saraf , The owner of Chappan Bhog were very courteous. Me alongwith my foodie friends were invited to taste their amazing Holi Special sweet dishes.He explained all about the sweets starting from making to delivering. All the sweets were made of purest of chenas, which they are specialised in. And the best thing is the sweets are made with pure ingredients. No added flavours or colours. That make the sweets healthy for all. The pistachios they use are real Peshwari pistachios. Being an Agarwal, all of the workers are Bengali. The main motive is to keeping up the traditions that have been lost and making relations with creations. Some of the mesmerising sweets that are specially made for Holi festival are here to look at ■ THANDAI BATI - Looks great n tastes best.. A perfect combination of Chena and Thandai. ■ BADAM FLOWER - Comes in various shapes and sizes.. Made of pistachoi. Good to taste. ■ KHEER MOHAN - The name says it all. Made of Chena garnished with Kesar. ■ MANGO SANDESH GILLOURI - Looks amazing.. Like a folded paan filled with Chena. ■ MANGO DELIGHT - Made of Alphanso mango and obviously their special Chena. ■ ROSE PETAL CHENA PAYESH - Mild sweet in taste with a small roshogolla dipped in milk topped with sundried rose petals. ■ LAJOOBA SANDESH - Lajooba Sandesh were of two types. First one was three layered sweet made of chena and cream. The other two layers consisted of sweet pumpkin puree and pistachios. The 2nd one is also of three layers. One layer of Pumpkin slices, second layer of Pistachios and third of Strawberry pulp. ■ MANGO CHENA SANDWICH - Two layers of Chena with Alphanso mango slices in between. Great in taste. So this Holi make your taste bud tantalize with these amazing and healthy sweets. Even their savoury dishes were great as well. Highly recommended. ✔ Happy Eating 😊 Food is love and I just love to eat. Proud member of Team Panchphoron. Rajdeep Bhattacharjee Tanwyee Ray Shubham Paul Sangram Paul

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Basudha Biswas Banerjee

Today on behalf of Panchphoron , visited Chhappan Bhog in Shakespeare Sarani and tasted their special Holi sweets. 1. Would like to talk about the THANDAI BATI which was a combination of Chena and Thandai. 2. Second one is BADAM FLOWER that is made up of powdered peanuts and decorated in various shapes and sizes. 3. KHEER MOHON made of pure Chena and garnished with Khoya and Kesar. 4. MANGO SANDESH GILLOURI it's an amazing creation where it was folded like a paan and inside of it, pure Chena sandesh was there. 5. MANGO DELIGHT Made of Chena and alphanso. A super tasty Sandesh. 6. ROSE PETAL CHENA PAYESH is a fusion sweet dish where the sweetness is very mild and smallest ball of rasgulla was there in the milk and sundried rose petals was sprinkled on top of it. 7. TWO TYPES OF LAJOOBA SANDESH was there. One was made of three layers, bottom one being of chena and cream, topped with consecutive layers of Sweet Pumpkin puree and pistachios. Another version was layered with pistachios and pumpkin slices and strawberry pulp. 8. MANGO CHENA SANDWICH. In this fabulous Sandesh two layers of Chena was there and in between original Alphanso slices was placed and tasted unbelievable. Everybody should try this one. Overall, the experience of being to Chhappan Bhog sweets and meeting the owners Alok Saraf and his son Raghabh Sarav was very pleasant. 😁Rajdeep Bhattacharjee


Rated 5.0 by Gaurav Patel

Chhappan Bhog has launched some special sweets for Holi. They incorporate the seasonal flavours of Alphanso Mango and use other natural colours and flavours to make their sweets enticing to the eye. The taste is sublime which speaks volumes about their use of the best quality ingredients including chena, natural flavours like the sweetest of Alphanso mango, rose petals, sweet pumpkin, saffron etc.