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Campari Reviews and Ratings - Keyatala, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Anirban Dey

Every Saturday I visit my daughter's dance class which is very near to this place and every Saturday I pass through this shop but never went in. Last Saturday finally I went in for some snacks with my family. It was a nice decision after all. We tried Fish Fingers and Chicken Roll. Both of them were awesome. The best thing I liked was "less oil" in both dishes. I recommend this shop for good snacks.


Rated 5.0 by Indrajit Banerjee

Famous for their rolls and cutlets (both fish and chicken). While ordering rolls this place always comes to my mind first mainly because of the taste! Also their cutlets are really good! A must try place for evening snacks!


Rated 4.0 by Sayantan Chakraborty

One f d best fry u get in south kolkata. We ordered fish fry, chicken roll, chicken kebab. Fish fry is a must try (highly recommended). All d items taste good. Items were very reasonable n cn b affordable.


Rated 3.0 by Subhra Mukherjee

Campari is famous fast food joint on Rashbehari Avenue, very close to Gariahat crossing. This outlet is nearly 40 years old. They are famous for their rolls & cutlets. The specialty of Campari rolls is the parathas are fried with little oil. It is healthier, yet tasty. Won’t make your stomach bloated. I have tried their Egg roll, chicken roll, mutton roll, fish fry & fish roll. For egg rolls. I would suggest to go with double egg roll instead of single egg roll, as the rolls are very lean & you will not get the taste of eggs with a single one. Chicken rolls are quite good too. they use smoky pieces of chicken with fried onion. The best part is they always serve their rolls with a green chili & lemon wedge. All good experiences till now. Fish fries are good too. Now, coming to the bad experiences, mutton roll is pathetic. Mutton pieces are hard and not edible. I had to discard the rest. Fish roll is priced at 90 rupees, but the stuffing does not have any fish or prawns, highly disappointing. In my opinion, fish fry is a better choice. Going back for their Chicken roll & fish fry. But, mutton roll, never again.


Rated 4.0 by Mamata Das

Went to this place to savour benglish snack delicacies inherited from the British I guess. The chicken cutlet was awesome, the cutlet crumb was crispy and salty while the chicken was nicely boiled, salted, peppered and herbed. The fish fingers were thick and nice to taste though the bhekti could have been given a slight touch of sweet, hot and lime. The fish fry which too was tasty and the crumb was fried to perfection, again lacked the touch of hotness and lime. Overall a 4 to this very popular joint