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Cafe Mi Casa

Prince Anwar Shah Road, Jodhpur Park
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Cafe Mi Casa Reviews and Ratings - Jodhpur Park, Kolkata

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Swarnali Roy

Love the ambiance. Its situated in jodhpur park. Hookah price list are cheap. Its also a pocket friendly place. Lots of choices of food. Chicken burger is really good. Its a very good place to hangout with friends.


Rated 4.0 by Ananya Dasgupta

This has become a favourite haunt of sorts over the past year for many people I know from around South Kolkata. Very conveniently located on the main road off Jodhpur Park, they've managed to do well with their first floor room overlooking the usual Jadavpur traffic. The iced teas are usually pleasant. The Americano works fine for winters. I'd say their finger food, sandwiches, burgers and pizzas (go for the extra helping of bacon) are better than their main courses. Although, the pork ribs are a good idea. The cheese ham squares are an absolute favourite. The smoked pork pizza deserves honorable mention. The one section on the menu that is uniformly disappointing is the salad section. But perhaps the best thing about the place (barring the ham and cheese squares) is the fact that it does not rush you. The service is hardly late and the room is never empty, but unlike other places with good food and decent prices around the area, this place let's you dawdle over your plate and make idle conversation, as any good cafe should.


Rated 4.0 by Monalisa Saha

This is a really pretty pocket friendly place for an amazing lunch and hangouts. There is a wide range of food to choose from. We had dry chilli fish as starter. For main course we took a Grilled chicken with butter rice and a Butter garlic baked fish with rice. The food quality is great and the quantity is good too.😍 The presentation is average but neat. The blue ocean tasted nice but nothing special. Its certainly a student friendly place cause they charge no taxes. The interior is pretty and cheerful. 😊


Rated 4.0 by Ruhmphat Foning Lepcha

Great place to hangout.. Good place.. Awesome vibe... Must visit.. Best part is it is available till late night till 1-2am for regular customers.... Service is awesome and so are the people


Rated 1.0 by Sumit Sinha

This place was once good, but has deteriorated to the lowest levels of hospitality and quality. I made my last order from here in August. Before that I used frequently order food from here but then I could experience the gradual fall. In my last order I had asked for Hongkong fried rice, grilled chicken, cilantro shredded chicken etc... total amounting to Rs.991/-. To my surprise, when the food arrived the grilled chicken and the rice was packed in local paper containers that you get from street vendors. The boxes were wet and soggy. And the rice was unpalatable, it was over boiled, cheap, sticking to each other like cake, seemed like was cooked by some 1st year student who had just shifted to a hostel in a new city and tried out cooking for the first time. It was bad, very bad. They could have well denied service when I ordered but what was this, I understand that some times food might get burned a little, may get bit salty or spicy but what was this, how could they even serve this kind of food. The grilled chicken was like some semi tandoori, semi boiled, semi roasted,  semi fried thing. And all the other items tasted funny. From the packages it seemed like the  delivery boy had picked up these items from some street vendor, but even a street vendor doesn't serve such bad food, the rice was even worse than Rs.30 biriyanis sold beside Writers' Building/ Illaco house. Prior to this they had once messed up a delivery order but I had ignored the same as it was a very late order and I had  overlooked the same. But this was wired. I only wish that I had taken photos of the same so that I could post it here. THIS WAS THE WORST FOOD EXPERIENCE IN THE LAST 30 YEARS OF MY EXISTENCE. NO WHERE, BE IT IN THE CITY, OR THE SUBURBS, OR OTHER METROS, OR THE COUNTRY SIDE, OR THE HOSTELS, OR CAMPS IN THE HIMALAYAS, HAVE I EVER HAD SUCH A BAD CULINARY  EXPERIENCE.