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James Long Sarani, Muradpur
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Cafe Coffee Day Reviews and Ratings - Muradpur, Kolkata


Rated 3.0 by Sandip Nayak

Have had way better from CCD itself.


Rated 3.0 by Arumita Bose

They have a very good interior decoration as all CCD's do..Located near the MP Birla School..I used to think CCD's were a bit over-hyped, but after the introduction of Starbucks, well you get the point! The thing is all of them are over hyped.. I am not saying that they are bad, of course, they have their own grandeur..But there are some people present on this earth who don't know the difference between complimenting a place and over-hyping it up.. Anyway coming to the food and service, service was okayish, could have been faster, but that was a busy day, so I get it.. Whenever I visit any CCD a must have for me is Hazelnut Latte..I simply love that..My friend ordered the Green Apple Soda and a Cheesecake.. Green Apple Soda was refreshing as told by my friend.. Cheesecake was pretty good, but all cheesecakes are! This was a chocolate cheesecake, I guess the name was Sinful Indulgence or something like that.. Another time I ordered from here and got it delivered to my home, then I ordered Big Crunch Spicy Chicken Burger and the Big Crunch Classic Chicken Burger and Garlic Breads.. Food was good, quite delicious.. Really loved the Garlic Breads.. Therefore, no doubt CCD is a good place to relax but there is no point in over hyping all of it up ..


Rated 2.0 by Sabyasachi Ganguly

Well it's seldom I do give a bad rating to an eatery as I truly appreciate them when I see there's an effort on their side to appease the customers no matter how small that place is. These people here are utterly rude and unprofessional if i may say so.Have been trying out this place for the last half a decade and nothing as such has changed. The taste and the quantity of the coffee I order here has been on the decline only since the last few years. Though the brand in itself is I'm sure not ignorant about it. Thus I'm more amused that nothing has been done yet about it by the largest coffee chain in the country with more than 90 outlets in Kolkata itself. They must be over complacent I guess or they don't mind one of their franchise getting bad reviews for quite some time now. With all due respect I say that buckle up guys if you want to survive in this industry(with so much competition out there) as customer is always the king.


Rated 5.0 by Madhurima Goswami

One of my fav places. Almost daily i use to take coffee and sandwich. There sizzling brownie is awesome. Quality of the food and coffee are very good.


Rated 2.0 by Arrefa Khan

my drink was spilled