Cafe Coffee Day

Ballygunge Circular Road, Ballygunge Place
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Cafe Coffee Day Reviews and Ratings - Ballygunge Place, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Sreya Roy

We all know about CCD. When very few cafes were there in the city maybe this one was the only option for coffee lovers and an added benefit was it's ambience. But now a days a lot of coffee shops are coming out here and there. Still with its goodwill and quality it has been able to give a tough competition to all other cafes. ** Location ** This CCD is located at Ballygunge Circular Road, Tripura Enclave, near Ballygunge Military Camp. ** Ambience ** I guess I don't need to mention about CCD's ambience. Its famous for its ambience too. Its spacious , comfortable, good for hanging out with and family. This particular outlet remains less crowded than the other outlets as far as I have noticed. ** Food ** I have visited many outlets of CCD in past years.So experimented with almost all of their drinks. To me Tropical Iceberg, Kaapi Nirvana and Crunchy Frappe are the must haves among the shakes. Do try their " Sizzle Dazzle Brownie" and you will be blown away ! You must have tried chicken sizzlers but this one is going to be a new experience for you I am sure. As light snacks their Chilli cheese toastizza and egg wrap will be good choices. Now a days they are introducing a huge range of food variety. Biryani, Idli etc are among them. Though I am a big fan of their shakes I must share one recent experience. I tasted their Pineapple pastry and it was not at all fresh. It came out hard , dry and chewy which was not expected .from Ccd. Will recommend this place to everyone. Good luck ☺️ .


Rated 4.0 by Chandni Chakraborty

CCDs do not require any special review, they know what they are good at. I really like ambiance of this particular CCD and also the behaviour of the staff. The staffs are always welcoming and will serve with a smile in their face. I am fan of their Cafe Frappe. I have been to this place quiet often with my friends, one can spend hours here completing their work and munching on some good food.


Rated 4.0 by Anindita Pal

CCDs r always love when it comes to adda n spnding tym with some coffee and crunchies...! Tried this brownie fr the frst tym Its mouth melting and really good in taste..!


Rated 1.0 by Bibaswan Patra

Price is always a bit high high compared to the quality of food and coffees served. Although that's not a matter of concern. Please teach the staffs and waiters how to behave with the customers. Just because my friend asked for a extra straw, the attitude shown to him by the waiters was not admirable.


Rated 1.0 by S. T

The behaviour of staff is third class. They make fun of customers and are very rude and laugh on them. Presentation of food is very bad. You never get what you order like you order a regular cappuccino and they will bill you a king size cappuccino withput customers consent. Change of staff is required.I will never go back to this outlet again and would reccomend all the customers to twice check their bills cos they manipulate it. Also the staff treat their regular customers very badly. Kindly change your staff asap.