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Byloom Canteen Reviews and Ratings - Keyatala, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Ishani Barman

Located in Hindustan Park Area, Byloom Canteen is one of the most beautiful places to hang out with friends. The café is located inside Byloom Boutique. The interiors are beautifully done with papers, wall hangings, colourful chairs giving it a nice aesthetic touch. They have bells on the table so that one can hear it and take orders or help you as needed. Now let’s talk about the food: 1)Mutton Chop: Mutton Chop is one of the most popular items Byloom serves. One plate of Mutton Chop consists of 2big pieces of the mutton chop. Mutton Chops are crispy and delicious. You can pair them up with a cup of hot steaming Darjeeling Tea. Chicken Cutlet: The chicken cutlet had two big pieces of cutlet served on a plate with french fries, kasundi (mustard sauce) and ketchup. Cutlet is a very old and popular snack for Bengali people. It is highly recommended here. Kanchenjunga Iced Tea: Kanchenjunga Iced tea is very refreshing. It ‘s a mint based lemon iced tea and it’s a must try.


Rated 2.0 by Megna Bose

Had fresh lime soda,fish and chips and mangshor chop here.I feel this place is a bit too hyped,as the food was just okay, nothing great.Service was up to the mark,ambience is comfortable,that's about it.The food here is nothing remarkable.


Rated 4.0 by Monalisa Saha

We were craving for some Bengali food when I was reminded of this place.Thanks to Zomato. Located in Hindustan Park area,this beautiful cafe is inside the Byloom Boutique. We settled down in a nice seat. They have bells on the table so that one can hear it and take orders or help you as needed. The interiors are beaitifully done with papers,wall hangings,colourful chairs giving it a nice aesthetic touch. We began our meal with Chicken Cutlet and coconut honey drink. Then had a Steamer chicken and a Bhapa (steamed in mustard) Fish meal for mains and ended the meal with hot Malpoas (Bengali pancakes). ▪Chicken Cutlet-The chicken cutlet had two big pieces of cutlet served on a plate with french fries,kasundi (mustard sauce) and ketchup.Cutlet is a very old and popular snacks for Bengali.Loved the way it was cookef in low oil,less spices yet tasted so good. ▪Steamer Chicken with rice-The quantity of rice in the mini meals is not appreciated.However,the chicken curry tasted out of the world and is recommended.The chicken was flavourful and cooked lightly in Indian spices,prawn paste and Gondhoraj lemon.The best part is the curry has 3 pieces of chicken and also 4-5 pieces whole prawns in it.Recommended. ▪Bhapa machh & Rice-The mustard they used for the steamed fish was bit too pungent and left us teary eyed.Liked the dish but can be better. ▪Coconut water with honey-A very refreshing drink and recommended. ▪Malpoa-A very popular bengali sweet.Also,known as the Bengali Flapjacks.Two comes in a plate.Served hot and fried in ghee.It was a perfect ending to our meal.Recommended. Our bill was 900/- Prices are inclusive of GST. Pocket pinch for two-800 for a good meal. The ambience is nice and staffs are well mannered. Service is great. -with Suvayan Saha


Rated 5.0 by Ayan Bose

Located just opposite Sienna Cafe this place is just awsome.We had Mutton Chop,Chicken Cutlet,Darjeeling Tea and Kanchenjunga Iced Tea.Food quality is really good.Mutton Chop is highly recomended.Will definately visit again.


Rated 5.0 by Amrita Datta

Very nice food. I love the fish roll, mutton chops and malpua. Also the aam pora sherbat and daaber jawl are super refreshing. May be they can start Cheetal Macher Peti and Mooyithya. I have a feeling they will make it well.