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Bosphorus Churros & Co. Reviews and Ratings - Rowland Row, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Mahak Shyamsukha

Visited this small place few days back at ram mohan dutta road.The place is cute.we ordered the swiss affair and choco chip churros.It was good and chocolaty.


Rated 5.0 by Sarah Hussain

An amazingly cute place, the staffs are extremely courteous and the food is equally good. It the first time that a place in kolkata is completely dedicated to churros (other than cereals which they serve too). I tried out their toblerone churros and the traditional churros both of which were equally good. I would highly recommend this place to all.


Rated 4.0 by Nilanjana Bagchi

If you're looking for some place which serves lip smacking Churros, look no further - Bosphorus is here. Other than Churros, this cute little place also specializes in milkshakes and cereals - sounds interesting right? So let's get started about what all I've tried from here. > Milkshakes ✓ Coconut and Blueberry shake ✓ Litchi and Cherry shake ✓ Mango and Chocolate shake ✓ Strawberry shake > Churros When it comes to Churros, they have three segments from where one can choose the desired filling, dips and toppings. I chose a variety of fillings and toppings. ✓ Peanut and Loops - This was filled in with salted caramel ; dipped in peanut butter and topped with fruit and loops. Recommended! ✓ Madhouse - This was filled in and dipped in Nutella and was stopped with M&Ms. ✓ Wanted - This again filled in and dipped in Bavarian chocolate and topped with the very tasty Bounty chocolate! Recommended. ✓ Miss Bubbly - My favourite from the varieties of churros, this was also dipped in and filled in with Bavarian chocolate and was stopped with my favourite Cadbury Silk Bubbly which enhanced the taste even more! Must have! > Cereal Bowls Finally we come to the cereal bowls which is a speciality of this cafe. The different bowls of cereals are served with a separate bottle of milk which you can add to your cereal bowl according to your preference. Also each cereal bowls are topped with junior Oreos which look too cute! ✓ The first cereal bowl had Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Reese's Puffs. My favourite - recommended! ✓ The next one had Trix and Fruity Pebbles. ✓ The third one had Cookie Crisp, French Toast Crunch and Coco Pops. So that was my experience at Bosphorus Churros and Co. This is a very cute place which will light up everyone's mood, plus the Churros are a bonus! If you want to try something different, this place is a must visit!


Rated 3.0 by Chhavi Tewary

I would have given 3.5 rating if there was such an option. Bosporus Churros & co. has opened a small outlet in Bhawanipur. They serve churros with every possible topping that you crave. Toppings such as kinder bueno, Toblerone, Ferraro rocher , twix, Kitkat, mars, Froot Loops, Nutella , peanut butter are available ( to name a few). The classic churros and the planet red is my favourite. If u buy one of the Nutella churros then the original flavour of the churros is masked. The only drawback is the size of the churros for the price at which they are sold. It’s kind of a rip off. I would definitely recommend it.


Rated 4.0 by Pamela Nandi (Foodaholic)

Bloggers meet at Bosphorus Churros & Co, Bhawanipur Smack your lips to get ready for a big bite to a traditional European born Spanish and Portuguese snack - CHURROS. The Bosporus Churros &Co. - QuickBite outlet based out of Kolkata proudly presents one of such authentic Spanish dessert - CHURROS. A deep fried pastry dough dipped in hot creamy chocolate, sprinkled with sugar normally served in the streets of Spain. Even if you would like to start your day with a bowlful of happiness -colorful, tempting, crunchy breakfast cereals -Bosphorus Churros awaits to keep you on your toes by serving some imported healthy cereal bowls from noted brands starting from Kellogg’s, General Miils to Post Foods that is soaked with all the goodness for a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Coming to the decor - The decor of the outlet resembles a super-cute cosy candy shop with vibrant colours, cartoons characters-textured on the walls that reflect a fun loving atmosphere for every kid to play around. The attractive colourful tones of the handcrafted Moroccan lamps hanging from the ceiling add a taste of urban touch to the ambience. The rustic yellow metallic chairs and the wooden tables with few low seating arrangements adds a soothing character to the surroundings with a small eye-catching display choice at the counter right in front of the entrance. Churros served - All the Churros can be customised as per your choice and taste in 3 steps - 1. Fill It 2. Dip It 3. Top It Peanut & loops - filled with salted caramel, dipped it peanut butter, topped with froot loops. Loads of happy colours and taste that takes you back to the childhood memories. Mad house - dipped it Nutella, topped with iconic chocolate brand M&M. Deliciously smooth Nutella topped with sweet milk chocolate coated in fun coloured shells. Miss bubbly-- fill it dip it BavarianBavarian chocolate, topped with silk bubbly. The rich creamy dark chocolate layer filled inside and dipped in as well tasted so smooth with a crunchy Churros crust and aerated chocolate of silk bubbly. Wanted--fill it, dip it bavarian chocolate, topped with bounty chocolate. Moist small pieces of Bounty Bars with little coconut fillings adds a perfect crunch to smacking bite. Cereal bowls come with milk and mini Oreos - Fruit loops, fruity pebbles, reeses puffs (blue bowl) - Start your day in a fruity way. The colourful bowl with a rainbow 🌈 of fruity flavoured sweet rice cereals with a mix of peanut buttered corn puffs takes you back to the childhood memories. Trix, fruity pebbles (red bowl) - loaded with vitamins and minerals made from whole grain makes your morning rocking. Cookie crisp, French toast crunch, coco pops (green bowl) - A perfect energy booster for the kiddies 👶 to bring a twist to the chocolate chip cookies with a mix of sweetened corn cereal enriched with high fibres. The outlet also serves some delicious, creamy, flavourful and refreshing healthy drinks loaded with antioxidants, fibres, protein, minerals and vitamins. Shakes: Coconut and blueberry shake Litchi and cherry shake Mango and chocolate shake Strawberry Shake Thanks a lot, Bosphorus Churros & Co, Bhawanipur for your warm service.