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Park Street
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Bodega Cantina-Y-Bar Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Anindya Basuri

Checked into the place with my bro. The staff were courteous enough. The food portions were really small like Really Small. However the food was quite yummy. Really liked the steak. Recommended steak with fav drinks.. We had Draft beer Barrel.. P. S They charge 7.5% service charge.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Spice Maid

Came here to have a nice 'chilled out' time with friends and letting my hair down after a long weekend. And a nice chilled time I did have. Along with discussions on politics and the state of affairs. The place is fantastically done up. It's got a fresh vibe to it, and since I had just tried a few finger foods I am limiting my review just till there. Having said that, Their menu did look like these guys had really put in a lot of effort and tried to recreate and experiment. Something like that always wins my vote. So based on the appetizers and the good time that I had served up by this place I would recommend this place a good visit on a Saturday night when you just want to unwind with buddies and relax.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Diana Chang

Visited this place with a friend of mine on Friday night. This place is just beside WIDN, and consists of two floors, the first floor being a sort of small bar/pub whereas the second floor is like a family style restaurant. My friend is well known in their restaurant as he conducted numerous wine training practices with them and hence we got some free beers and mock tails on the house. In my own personal experience, they play really loud music so if you wanna smoke shisha and talk with your friends, trust me, your voice will get drowned in the music. The food was really good, we had pasta in white sauce. The manager was really nice as well, along with their servers. The hookah and the food costed us rs1200+, not including the beers and the mock tail. It is a bit expensive but the experience is worth it.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Avi Singh

Location: Park Street,Opposite Allen Park (Magma Building) I visited this place for my birthday lunch with my girl and we were pleasantly surprised by the amazing cocktails and good food. Ambience and Dećor: The ambience is great,the ground floor is the bar area and the first floor is the dining area.We decided to be seated on the first floor,I loved their dećor,large window panes were letting a good amount of light inside which is lovely. Food and Drinks: Cocktails: The Bubbling Bombay: This is one of the better cocktails I have had,perfect presentation and the taste equally good.It was a blend of bacardi gold,basil leaves and bhang.A bit on the sweeter side but I loved it. Thai High: This was a refreshing cocktail,consisting of lemon grass,absolut vodka and lychee juice. Food: Wild Mushroom Pizza: Very flavourful,thin crust pizza,the mushroom and cheese were perfect in quantity and tasted amazing.It was filling aswell. Service: The service was good,the server was courteous and attentive. Recommended for a romantic lunch/dinner.


Rated 2.0 by Tushar Goyal

Somehow ended up going to bodega , the food is seriously average and everything was a tad bit spicy. The quantity of food is small and the justification given by the waiter is that you get to try more things in the menu that ways. We ordered the pot stickers veg which was ok , Dimsums in peking sauce was average and can be given a miss, also some mushroom shawarma was bad . The only good thing about the place was the mains we ordered the wok noodles in black pepper sauce which was good. The place can be given a miss . Better places out there with better quality food.