Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick

Rashbehari Avenue, Tiljala
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Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick Reviews and Ratings - Tiljala, Kolkata



Visited on 7th August Ambience (3.5/5) It's a takeaway store but people do eat standing inside the store. Food (4.5/5) I took takeaway for family-Three kinds of Sandesh (Mawa, Mango and Chocolate). Great taste with less sweetness. I personally loved the Mango Sandesh. Wanted to try the fresh Mishti Doi but it was sold out. Service (4/5) Really helpful staff. Even people standing their were helpful when asked what should I definitely carry for home. Value for money (4/5) Average piece cost was INR20. Tip: Do try baked rosagulla (I couldn't try as I already was stuffed), Sandesh and Mishti Doi.


Rated 3.0 by Soumen Shekhar Das

Very good sweets.I had been searching for something like this to take sweets to bangalore with me. Jalbhara sandesh,baked sandesh and taal saash are some of the best items in the shop.Please forget the nolen gur based tin rosogullas.Not worth the price or quality.Will definitely pay another visit when in kolkata


Rated 5.0 by The Bhuribhoj Co.

This place is one of the best place in Kolkata to fulfil your sweet tooth cravings. I am lucky enough to have two outlets of it right near my house and now i don't have to run far to fulfil my guilty desires. They serve the best kind of sweets and have a lot of variety with them both in the arena of traditional and fusion sweets. . They create awesome sweets with chocolates and fusion Mishti named Mud Pie which is priced at Rs. 500 for a kg is to dieee for . I visited here with Souvik Mitra and Debopriya Mukherjee last time to try this out as it was quite in news for some time We ordered 100g for Rs. 50 and as usual it did justice to our taste buds . And the Rs. 50 we spent on it was totally right. . It's taste is to die for. And melts as soon as you put it in your mouth .This tastes brs when served hot as has molten chocolate along with a mix of chocolate cake. So it is totally recommended for anyone who loves chocolate and wants to try a new form of it.


Rated 5.0 by Souvik Mitra

This place is one of the famous and oldest sweet shop in the city of joy. They serve the best kind of sweets and have a lot of variety with them. It has gained a lot of name and is doing wonderful in both traditional and fusion sweet . Now they have come up with this fusion Mishti named Mud Pie which is priced at Rs. 500 for a kg. . We took 100g for Rs. 50 as it was being recommended by Various people to us . . And the Rs. 50 we spent on it was truly worth it . It's drooling chocolaty taste is to die for. This fusion dessert is served to you piping hot and has a cake base with molten hot chocolate mixed and that's makes it totally a treat to your taste buds reaching your stomach and touching your heart❤❤


Rated 5.0 by Sreya Roy

This shop is located at Kasba. This is famous for its variety of sweets especially chocolate sweets. Earlier we have been familiar with Kolkata Roshogolla and cherished its every bite.But I first came to know about Baked Roshogolla after Balaram Mullick invented it. Its baked and got a smooth creamy texture more like dipped in Kheer. Its such a treat to mouth that I can't explain . So as their Baked Doi and Baked Mihidana. One of their another iconic item is Aam Doi. Its basically sweet curd with an essence of Mango.Served in small earthen pots , it just makes your day !! Their another must try item is Mango Souffle . Its again very frothy and creamy in texture. They have a variety of Chocolate Sandesh items. Choco Lava, Choco Bonbon , Choco fudge are among them. Its not possible to mention every item here but I can assure that not a single item of sweet will disappoint you. They sell snacks items like Chanachur , Namkins as well.Their Radhaballavi and Sabzi is another wonder. I think Everyone must pay a visit here. I highly recommend this place to every sweet lover. Good luck.