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Baked & Fried Reviews and Ratings - Tiljala, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Piyush Kumar

Place of tasty burger.i always order from this restaurant.price is also will surely satisfied and ya ,it is better than KFC Burger


Rated 4.0 by Kunaljit Dutta

Ordered food via swiggy.. chicken cheese burger and chicken wrap.. Both were really good in taste and quite filling.. The wrapping was neatly done.. The chicken patty was really juicy.. grilled with perfect amount of spice and the spicy mayo made it even better.. The chicken wrap was also good but was a bit small in size compared to other places..overall a good place... They have some good value for money meals.. hope to try those soon..👍👍


Rated 2.0 by Ruchira Das

This place is located on the EM byepass just at the avishikta crossing. My college being very near this place, have been to this place multiple times. Earlier this place was pretty big with seating accomodation for about 20 people, it was also air conditioned. Coming to the food , the burgers and the subs were very good. But one thing, they didn't have any quality management, meaning, one day it happened that I had burger there with a few of my friends, and later that day, I took a burger as takeaway. The takeaway burger was horrible. Now the shop has become very small, doesn't have air conditioning any more, has very less seating space and is no more suitable for hanging out with friends. Last I went there , burgers were not even available. The place has highly degraded.


Rated 4.0 by Moumita Majumder

This is a nice little cafe.we went there on evening and ordered chiken burger.the burger was filled with mayo cheese and tartar sauce and taste really tym visit cafe.😊


Rated 4.0 by Amit Chandra

I have visited with Dey.riya6. A great place to have all baked bread fresh burger with freshly fried patty and fresh crispy fried chicken. The best thing is that the marination is thorough. So you will love every hot bite. Truly underrated. But a must visit.